Loops iOS 1.0.1

Version 1.0.1 for the iPhone and iPad is now live on the App Store.

This is a follow-up bug fix release where we've fixed a bunch of minor bugs that we encountered when using Loops for ourselves on a extended scale.

No new features in this one, but lots of little improvements that we're sure you will like.

MacWorld 2013

We're coming to MacWorld! Again!

We're all set and heading to MacWorld in chilly San Francisco in a few days time.

Shedworx will be in booth 1010, on the right hand side of the Expo hall, near Appalooza.

Its been two years since we were at MacWorld and a lot has changed for us in that time.

The biggest thing for us has been Smart Converter. Smart Converter is the number one free video converter for the Mac worldwide and Smart Converter Pro is the top rated, most popular and highest grossing video converter on the Mac App Store. Through Smart Converter and Smart Converter Pro, Shedworx software is now on a significant percentage of all Macs out there. This means a huge number of people use our stuff, and we can't wait to talk to people about it.

If you're in the Bay area, we'd love to see you down at MacWorld. As part of our booth package we have an almost unlimited number of Expo passes to hand out, so if you want to save $25 on the door charge, drop us a line at support@shedworx.com and we'll have a pass waiting for you at the door.

Among other things, we will be selling the MacWorld SUPERBUNDLE! All of our apps in one super bundle for $40 - a discount of 80%, available only on the Expo show floor.

Here's the flyer we will be handing out...

For those who can make it to MacWorld, we can't wait to see you there. For those who can't, stay tuned, we'll have our MacWorld post and photos up real soon!

Smart Converter 1.5.1

Smart Converter Pro Icon
Smart Converter and Smart Converter Pro 1.5.1 are now live on the Mac App Store.

This has been the first update for a while, mainly due to Apple's new "sandboxing" requirements.

Sandboxing is where the apps have to work with a "sandbox" and work within quite tight rules about what they can and cannot do. Sandboxing prevents apps from "going rouge" and destroying your system, either by mistake or design (i.e. viruses, spyware, etc).

So sandboxing is all about security, and we're finally there!

Version 1.5.1 of both Smart Converter and Smart Converter Pro also brings a number of conversion fixes and improvements, including:

  • Better Quicktime support - we're handling all Quicktime files better now, so we don't expect to have any conversion problems from Quicktime formats now. This includes Apple Intermediate Codec, the video editing format used by iMovie, so Smart Converter can now easily handle AIC movies exported from iMovie and convert them as required.
  • Numerous format fixes - its been 5 months since we released version 1.4.3 on the Mac App Store and in the meantime we've made a lot of fixes and been releasing them on Shedworx only. These fixes now all come to the Mac App Store.
  • Internal software fixes - these don't affect you directly, but Smart Converter is now tuned up and running better under the hood.

Sandboxing created a huge delay for us in getting regular bug fixes out on the Mac App Store, but now that its done we will be getting the fixes out more frequently.

MovieShare on the Mac App Store

MovieShare on the Mac App Store

On the last day before the Christmas shutdown, Apple finally approved MovieShare for the Mac App Store!

Download MovieShare for the Mac for free and see how much easier movie sharing can be.

Roaring up the charts!

MovieShare has already cracked the top ten free Video app list on the Mac App Store in the US, UK and Australia. People all over the world are finding out how much better movie sharing can be!


MovieShare contains in in-app purchase to add in the Smart Converter Engine to take care of anything that needs converting before sending to devices.

The MovieShare Upgrade also includes batch processing that allows you to queue up (and pre-convert) as many movies as you like even when your devices are offline. When you devices appear, MovieShare starts transferring files.

MovieShare is live!

MovieShare for for iPhone, iPad and the Mac

We've just released MovieShare, the great new way to share movies between any iPhone, iPad and Mac, and it's FREE!

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

MovieShare for the iPhone and iPad lets your easily share movies of any size between any iPhone, iPad or Mac. No iTunes, no syncing, just fast and easy sharing. Learn More...

and the Mac

MovieShare for the Mac does everything the iPhone and iPad version does, but with the option to upgrade and get batch sending and conversions.

Batch sending lets you send multiple movies to multiple devices all at once. A great way to get large numbers of movies to all your devices.

The MovieShare upgrade includes our Smart Converter Engine, the same engine that powers the most popular video converters on the Mac App Store. The Smart Converter Engine makes sure that any movie that you throw at MovieShare is converted to the right format for your devices. Learn More...

Get the free MovieShare download today for iPhone and the Mac and see how easy movie sharing can be!

Loops for the iPhone and iPad out now!

Following a quick review by Apple, and approval on first attempt, Loops for the iPhone and iPad is available now!

Loops is our new secure photo sharing app and service that makes it easy and safe for you to share photos with people you trust.

All you need to do is download Loops, sign up and start taking photos. Loops takes care of the rest, keeping all your photos synced to our private cloud servers.

When you're ready you can get your friends and family to join any of your Loops. They will then see anything you add, and you will see anything they add to your Loop.

It couldn't be easier!

Loops also has a version for the Mac. Loops for Mac lets you see and organise all your photos in all your Loops, as well as allowing you to import other photos from your Mac, and export complete Albums or individual photos to your Mac.

Loops for Mac is in review with Apple now for the Mac App Store, but it is available now from Shedworx.com if you'd rather not wait.

We hope you enjoy Loops!

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