Smart Converter for Windows 1.1.0

Smart Converter for Windows has had a great start under the Windows Store.

97% of our Smart Converter downloads are for Windows8, so we're quickly becoming the go-to video converter for Windows!

This update covers Smart Converter and Smart Converter Pro. We've done the following things:

  • Updated the presets - based on feedback from a huge number of users, we have updated the key presets. The first (and most popular) presets are now Windows, followed by Xbox
  • Super-fast conversions for Windows - again, based on user feedback we've optimised the Windows preset to be super-fast. If you are converting MKV or similar high definition videos, your Windows conversions will now fly along at up to 100x the speed of previous versions!
  • Auto-updates - We've added an auto-update feature to keep you up to date with the latest version of Smart Converter and Smart Converter Pro. Just enable this when prompted and Smart Converter will keep itself up to date with the latest version.

Download the latest update of Smart Converter and Smart Converter Pro as we continue to make Smart Converter the best video converter for Windows, just like we have for the Mac!

Introducing Loops!

Over the past year we've been working on re-launching the Cosmos photo sharing service with a new focus.

This new focus is on privacy and absolute control over who sees your stuff.

The new app is called Loops!

A better way to share

Loops takes the photo sharing strengths of Cosmos and adds a new and improved way of sharing.

Everything in Loops now revolves around, you guessed it, a Loop.

A Loop is a group of photos and notes that you want to share with friends or family. We've found that there will always be different groups of people that you want to share photos with, and there will be different photos that you want to share with each of those groups.

With Loops, you can now create a Loop for each circle of friends that you are a part of. Every Loop member can add photos and edit anything, except for the Loop membership - only the creator can change that.

All your Apple devices

Loops has an iPhone, iPad and Mac app available which all work the same way. Every type of app allows you to take and upload/import photos, manage your Loop memberships and send photos out to other services like Facebook, Twitter and so on.

iPhone and iPod

Loops for the iPhone is our main app. Based on how we've been using Loops for the past 6 months, 90% of your time will be spent in Loops for iPhone.

You can do everything from the iPhone app - sign up, created new Loops, invite friends and of course take photos!


Loops for the iPad is very similar to the iPhone version but includes a better layout to take full advantage of the iPad screen size.

We've used a simple layout that lets your navigate between albums easily, leaving the majority of the screen for photo display.

Loops for iPad is a great way to run through all the photos in all your Loops with a bigger screen.

and the Mac

We also have a full-featured app for the Mac.

This has grown out of our original Cosmos video management application and offers a great 'home base' option for all those photos.

Loops for Mac operates in exactly the same way as the mobile versions. You still sign in to the app, have easy switching between your Loops and can also export photos easily.

Loops for Mac also includes an import feature where you can bulk import photos from your Mac and even straight off a camera that you plug in.

This gives you a great way to add photos to Loops from other cameras.

Coming very soon...

Over the past year we have used every group photo sharing service out there and think that Loops offers a better way to share photos.

We've found that there is a lot of Facebook and Instagram "fatigue" out there, caused by the incessant drive of these services to invade your privacy.

On the other end of the privacy scale we have Apple's Photo Stream which is good for some uses, but is really a backup service for your phone, not a photo sharing service.

Loops fits in the middle of these two areas. Full privacy and security but with the freedom to share whatever you want with whoever you want (as long as they have an iPhone or iPad :) )


We decided to go for a non-advertising, paid, privacy-first service, as its what we want for ourselves.

The Loops apps will all be free, with every new account getting a free level of access. Loops Premium accounts will cost $4.99 for a year or 99c per month.

Loops is in Beta testing now and is about to be submitted to Apple. We will let you know when it hits the streets.

You can follow our progress with Loops on its Facebook page, Twitter and right here on the Shedworx blog.

It's a new Logo

We've got a new logo!

We started Shedworx in 2007 and quickly threw together a logo and brand.

Five years and a few million app downloads later, and its time for a new look.

We've gone with a simple branding with a splash of colour to represent the different things that we do.

The swirls even contain the S and W initials of the Shedworx name.

We hope you like it!

This is the new branding for our journey to MacWorld Expo 2013 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. More on that soon...

Smart Converter Pro for Windows

Smart Converter Pro is also now available for Windows!

Download the new Windows version here.

Hot on the heels of our Smart Converter for Windows release, we've got the Pro version all done now too.

Smart Converter Pro brings you all the Pro features from the Mac, including:

  • Batch Processing - queue up and convert as many files as you like.
  • Advanced Control - a whole bunch of preference settings let you take control of your conversions.

Smart Converter Pro has passed Microsoft certification and is listed on the Windows Store, ready for the Windows 8 launch this Friday.

Smart Converter Pro for Windows works perfectly on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

We hope you enjoy using Smart Converter Pro for Windows.

Smart Converter for Windows out now

Smart Converter is now available for Windows!

Download the new Windows version here.

We've been working on the Windows version of Smart Converter since the start of 2012, and after an extended Beta testing phase, it's ready to go!

Smart Converter for Windows works perfectly on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

We've also been going through the new Windows Store certification process and just yesterday, Smart Converter was listed on the Windows Store, ready for the Windows 8 launch on Friday 26 October.

Smart Converter for Windows includes all the smarts from Smart Converter for Mac, which has been holding down the number one video converter spot on the Mac App Store for over a year now.

Windows 8 looks like a great new operating system for the PC. We've found it to be reliable and easy to use throughout our development and testing this year.

We hope you enjoy using Smart Converter for Windows.

Introducing MovieShare

For the past few months we've been hard at work on a great new app - MovieShare!

MovieShare is about to become the easiest and best way to share movies between any iPhone, iPad and Mac.

So what is MovieShare?

MovieShare is a super-easy way to share and play movies on iPhones, iPads and Macs. Its that simple, but that's what makes it so great.

How many times have you hit these problems?

  • You're away from your 'Home' Mac where you usually sync your iPhone or iPad and you want to get a new movie onto your iPhone.
  • You're out and you want to move a movie from your iPhone to your iPad.
  • A friend has a movie that you want on their iPhone.

MovieShare enables a whole world of sharing that just isn't possible using iTunes and the regular Movie syncing approach. We've been using MovieShare for months now at Shedworx and we're sure you'll love it too.

We've created a new Facebook page for MovieShare where we'll be posting updates as we get closer to the launch date.

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