Its working! We now have AVCHD previewing and trimming working in VoltaicHD 2.0 BETA.

You can now preview your AVCHD movies and trim them prior to converting.

We will also soon have 'Send to YouTube' and 'Send to iPhone' options in VoltaicHD which will make VoltaicHD a simple native AVCHD editor for the Mac. All for less than $40!

Click on here to view a demo movie.

Post Production Fix for CCD Smear

I know this probably might not fit in with your current product lines - but maybe you could advise where I might find software that can do what I'm looking for.
I'm looking for a way of fixing CCD Smear in post - as I see it I need a program that can "paint" a set of transition pixels between the two pixels either side of the smear line, repeating the process along the length of the line, and of course replicate that paint job across all the frames in the shot.
Am I howling for the moon, or is there a piece of software out there already that can do this, or have I just suggested something that could make you a lot of dollars?
I'd certainly be willing to pay $50-70 for a piece of software that, once I'd finished the picture edit, would allow me to clean up those pesky little smears that look like old film scratches (only worse)on any offending shot.

Any ideas? Keep up the good worx!

CCD smear

Hi there,

We haven't dealt with CCD smear before, but we do have full pixel-level access to each frame that we convert. Maybe send us a sample video containing some CCD smear and we'll see what we can do.