On Jan 27 2009 AVCHD Lite was released. On the same day Panasonic announced its new digital cameras with AVCHD Lite capability.

AVCHD Lite supports up to 1280x720p HD video, which generally means always at 1280x720p.

AVCHD already supports all resolutions from DVD (720x480i for NTSC or 720x576i for PAL) up to 1920x1080p, so what's with AVCHD Lite? This new sub-set of AVCHD uses a slightly different format to 'Full' AVCHD, so most AVCHD conversion/playing software will require an update in order to handle it correctly.

At ShedWorx, we are lucky enough to have a sample AVCHD Lite video clip from one of our friends at Panasonic, so we will update our product line later in February. All of our products will support AVCHD Lite well before the first new AVCHD Lite cameras start shipping in April.