All three of the Shedworx AVCHD apps have been updated with a few key fixes and Mountain Lion support.

We have updated our core AVCHD engine with a couple of key updates.

50p/60p support

Over the past few months camera manufacturers have released new AVCHD variants in the 50p and 60p area.

50p (and 60p) are the highest level of HD recording available on consumer camcorders today. The 50p refers to the 50 full (progressive) frames per second that these cameras can record. The video from these cameras is the absolute best quality available today.

We have supported the initial 50p and 60p formats used by Panasonic since 2010 so this update covers all 50p and 60p recording formats from all AVCHD camera manufacturers.

LPCM audio support

LPCM is a pro-level audio format used in Pro video cameras.

Over the past year more and more Pro video cameras have moved to the AVCHD video format, away from vendor-specific video formats.

As they have moved into AVCHD, these Pro cameras have begun using LPCM audio, rather than the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio that consumer camcorders use.

LPCM has always been in the AVCHD spec, its just that nobody was using it.

This update to our AVCHD apps now supports LPCM audio in AVCHD videos.

Mountain Lion

We've also updated all the apps to be signed with the Shedworx Developer Certificate. This allows our apps to be installed and run on Mountain Lion under the default OSX security setting which prevents the execution of non-signed apps.

Voltaic, Revolver and Cosmos are now available for Download from or via Automatic Update from the applications themselves.

All three apps should be available via the Mac App Store within a couple of weeks. We submitted them today.


mi dvd pro still crashed on me. what should i do. i deleted n reinstall. still the same

miDVD Pro

An update to miDVD Pro hit the app store a few days back, so make sure you're on that. If its still crashing, please email us at, or fill in the Contact form here.

ShedWorx and the App store

I needed to replace my PowerBook Pro with a shiny new rMBPro. I want to selectively reinstall my software with versions that are 10.8 certified. I like the interaction with the App Store and am wondering if the upgraded versions of ShedWorx products are available through the store without paying full price? Thanks, Jeff.

App Store

Hi Jeff,

The App Store is a great way to buy software - the majority of our sales now happen via the App Store rather than from

Apple provides no way for us to offer existing customers free copies via the App Store. We would do it if we could, but this is an Apple policy.