Panasonic HDC-SD9 now supported

While it is at least a month away from being released, we have been able to verify VoltaicHD (for PC and Mac) as being able to support the new Panasonic HDC-SD9 AVCHD camera.

The SD9 records in true 1920x1080 resolution (just like its SD3 and SD5 predecessors) but now includes a progressive scan mode called 25p. This is similar to the 25p mode on the Canon HG10, but the SD9 does 25p at full HD resolution of 1920x1080 (The HG10 is a 1440x1080 camera).

We have only tested the PAL version of this camera, which means we have verified the 50i and 25p frame rates. Based on the fact that both PAL and NTSC versions of the HG10 work fine with VoltaicHD, we're confident that the NTSC frame rates of 60i and 24p will be fine.

VoltaicHD for PC Version 1.1.1 released!

This release includes some optimisation of the conversion process and a bug fix for the activation process.

Voltaic 1.1.2 and a new home

VoltaicHD has now moved in to to join its PC cousin. is home to both the Mac and PC versions of VoltaicHD, as well as another new product that we've got under construction.

Along with the move we've released a new version (1.1.2) which contains language support for Norwegian and Italian.

VoltaicHD for PC Launched!

Today we have un-officially launched the VoltaicHD for PC converter.

VoltaicHD for PC has been created from the highly successful VoltaicHD for Mac converter.

VoltaicHD is a video converter which converts AVCHD video clips into a format that can be edited easily by Apple's iMovie or Microsoft's Movie Maker. This means that you can edit HD movies on the movie editor that comes 'out of the box' with Apple OSX or Microsoft Windows.

Voltaic now licensed for AVC/H.264 (MPEG4)

Voltaic is now an officially licensed MPEG4 product, meaning that all users are legally covered for usage of the MPEG4 patent set.

All software products which convert AVC/H.264 (otherwise known as MPEG4 Part 10) video are required to be licensed with the MPEG Licensing Authority. AVC/H.264 is the underlying codec used by AVCHD.

This doesn't make a lot of difference to our product functionality, but it does mean that we are now 'legal'. Any software product that deals with MPEG video standards without being licensed runs the risk of being permanently shut down at short notice.

AVCHD Licencing

We are now in the process of sorting out licencing of Voltaic with the AVCHD Co-Producers.

As a result (at their request) we have removed all (well, most) references to AVCHD from the site.

AVCHD is the trademark of the AVCHD Co-Producers (Sony and Panasonic). As such we cannot use it in reference to Voltaic until we have licenced usage of the trademark.

Once we are through the licencing process, assuming they don't want a huge amount of cash, we'll be able to officially reference AVHCD and use their logo.

Until then, nothing has changed with Voltaic. We are OK to continue as we are. We hope to have official licencing of AVCHD sometime in the future.

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