iCloud Questions and Answers

iCloud Questions and Answers

As far as buzz words go, they don't come much more fashionable then the "Cloud", then along came Apple and upped the anti by throwing their customary little i prefix and voila we have a new winner. iCloud is coming, and Apple have started spruiking it already. So here at Shedworx, we thought we'd ask some of the basic questions and see what answers we could come up with.

RevolverHD 1.3.2 Released

RevolverHD 1.3.2 released

Minor Update Release.

New to RevolverHD 1.3.2

  • Updated Disk Archive to work with Snow Leopard
  • Updated icons and text

FlamingoHD 1.3.2 Released

FlamingoHD 1.3.2 released

Minor Bug Fix & Feature Release.

New to FlamingoHD 1.3.2

  • Single Click now works for editing in the Info Panel
  • Added option to switch off filmstrip generation
  • VoltaicHD conversions do not start automatically

VoltaicHD for Mac v2.0.2 released

We have just released VoltaicHD for Mac v2.0.2.

VoltaicHD for Mac v2.0.2 adds some new features as well as introducing our first ever YouTube competition.

The following features have been added:

  • New YouTube Competition has been added
  • Simple titles can now be added to your final movie
  • Added support for DOF (depth of Field) Adaptors
  • Allowed multiple resolutions for YouTube uploads

VoltaicHD for Mac v2.0.1 released

We have just released VoltaicHD for Mac v2.0.1.

VoltaicHD for Mac v2.0.1 fixes a few minor issues with our new release.

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Fixed problems with conversions on OS X 10.4.
  • Fixed problems uploading non AVCHD files to YouTube
  • Fixed memory issues with very large files.

VoltaicHD for Mac v2.0.0 released

We have just released VoltaicHD for Mac v2.0.0.

It's our first major upgrade for VoltaicHD for Mac and contains many new features as well as bug fixes and improvements on the conversion processing.

The major new features include:

  • ShedWorx now has an AVCHD Previewer which gives you a live preview of your movies.
  • Edit your AVCHD movies prior to conversion.
  • You can now send your movies direct to YouTube, iPhone, iPod and AppleTV.
  • Improved conversion processing gives you even better quality results.
  • Improved inverse telecine process for getting the best results from your 24p footage.
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