Voltaic 3.0 Released

VoltaicHD Version 3.0 out now

VoltaicHD 3.0 has now been released on shedworx.com and via auto-update for current users. This is a free upgrade.

UPDATE: VoltaicHD 3.0 is a free upgrade for Version 2 users only. Version 1 users are entitled to a 50% discount when upgrading to Version 3.

Version 1 users can upgrade here:

If you haven't got it already, please download from here.

This version includes a number of minor bug fixes, some improvements to the AppleScript API and a number of stability improvements.

As per a previous post on the Shedworx blog, we are dropping OSX 10.4 support from our products in this round of updates. We have also retired VoltaicHD version 1 from support.

Where have the Forums gone?

No more Forums for ShedWorx

We introduced the ShedWorx forums about a year ago to see how they would go. We hoped that we would see general questions about how to do stuff with HD video and photos. As it has turned out, most of the posts are individual support requests - e.g. "I can't get something to work".

Answering support questions via the forums is difficult and error prone for us. When you log a support ticket we have a number of people available to respond to the request and we will often move requests between our team to get the best people onto solutions. This is almost impossible when support questions are on the forums.

We are also getting organised with a better social media presence, which we have started with a new ShedWorx Facebook page, our YouTube channel and Twitter. There are still plenty of ways for you to ask general questions and interact with ShedWorx, which we hope will ultimately be better than the Forums.

Goodbye Tiger...

OSX 10.4 Support being dropped from ShedWorx products

With the introduction of OSX 10.7 Lion in June this year, we have decided to drop support for OSX 10.4 Tiger.

10.4 was superceded by OSX 10.5 almost 4 years ago now, so its time for us to let it go. As a software company, supporting old operating system versions is a time-consuming and costly exercise which also stops us from taking advantage of new features in the newer operating systems.

For VoltaicHD and RevolverHD we will continue to support PowerPC processors in 10.5

mkvWatch version 2.0 out now!

mkvWatch - now with Batch Processing and AVI support

Click here to download mkvWatch now!

mkvWatch has received a great response with a large number of people enjoying the simplicity of converting MKV downloads into formats that can actually be watched!

We've been hard at work over the past few months listening to what you want next in an MKV converter and have added Batch Processing, AVI support and a bunch of bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy using mkvWatch Version 2. We've been using it within the Shedworx team for a few weeks now, so its ready to go.

This is a free upgrade for current Version 1 users.

Batch processing

The biggest request by far for mkvWatch has been the addition of batch processing support. We know that you often have a bunch of downloads to convert, so we've added a simple and easy to use batch processing interface. We're sure you'll love it!

AVI Support

The next biggest request was for AVI conversions. The most popular format after MKV video is AVI, and many users have asked for us to include AVI conversion support, so now its in! It kind of breaks our name for mkvWatch, but mkvaviWatch doesn't really work...

Bug fixes

As for any new products, there have been the inevitable bug fixes. Most of these fixes have been for slightly obscure video characteristics that we need to handle. Just like VoltaicHD, we are aiming to make mkvWatch your one stop shop, this time for converting downloaded movies.

Cosmos is released for iPad and iPhone!

Cosmos is live on the App Store!

In a remarkably quick review (3 days!) the Cosmos iPad and iPhone Universal app is now live on the iTunes AppStore. Just search for "Cosmos" and you will find us.

CloudSync Accounts

In order to use the Comos iPad or iPhone app, you will need a CloudSync account.

You can sign up for a free trial CloudSync account here.

Cosmos for Mac

You will need the latest Cosmos for Mac release in order to use CloudSync and the iOS app.


Please email us at cosmos@shedworx.com or post a Forum message if you have any questions or problems. Please remember that this is the first release of the Cosmos iPad and iPhone app so there may be a few bugs still in there. We already have version 1.1 ready for submission to Apple, so we are ready to fix whatever bugs you find and get it released on the AppStore quickly.

Introducing Cosmos!

Introducing Cosmos!

In January 2011 we will be renaming FlamingoHD to Cosmos. Why are we doing this? Well, Flamingo was always an interim name that we intended to replace once the application was complete. We expect to complete Flamingo (now Cosmos) during 2011, so its time for a serious name.

Cosmos - "the world or universe regarded as an orderly, harmonious system"

Cosmos, like Flamingo before it, will continue to help you organise and manage you photos and movies. Cosmos provides an ordered view into an otherwise chaotic media library.


The first major step forward for Cosmos is the introduction of CloudSync. CloudSync will allow you to sync your Cosmos Library to the cloud then manage it on another Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The cloud will contain your library data and previews but not the full sized Assets. We will be looking at cloud-based Asset storage in the new year, along with Cloud Backup.

CloudSync will make it easier than ever to keep your Library organised. We all know how hard it is to get motiviated to spend hours organising, tagging and updating your Library so that you can find things when you need them. The Cosmos iPad and iPhone apps make it possible to update your Library on the go, with the changes you make being synced up to the cloud whenever you have an Internet connection.

Cosmos for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

The new Cosmos for iOS application will be available in January 2011. We have developed a Universal application which means that you download it once then you can run it on any iOS device.

We have chosen to go with iOS version 4.2 and greater so that we can make use of the new Multitasking features and making the sync process more simple and reliable.

And the best bit - the iOS application will be free!


We will be offering free CloudSyc trials in January 2011. Following the trial period we will be offering competitively priced yearly CloudSync subscriptions.

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