Announcing mvkWatch - watch your MKV movie downloads!

mkvWatch - watch your MKV movie downloads!

We have just released mkvWatch - a fast and easy way to convert MKV movie downloads into a format that can be used on AppleTV, PlayStation3 and Sony Bravia HDTVs.

mkvWatch is a simple and easy to use utility that makes the watching of MKV movies a whole lot easier. All you do is drag your movie onto the mkvWatch window and press Convert, mkvWatch takes care of the rest.

Convert into AppleTV format and automatically add to iTunes so that you can be watching via AppleTV in no time. Alternatively, convert to PS3/Bravia HDTV format then transfer the converted movie to the PS3/TV and watch straight away.

mkvWatch is a fully supported ShedWorx product, available now from the ShedWorx Store for $9.99

Click here to download and start watching today!

FlamingoHD 1.5 into final Beta testing

FlamingoHD 1.5 is into final Beta testing!

Flamingo 1.5 is now in feature lockdown as we move into final Beta testing. Over the next two weeks we will be polishing up the application, making it ready for general release.

The new Features of Flamingo 1.5 include:

  • Completely revamped user interface, offering a host of new features
  • Removal of Projects and Events, replaced with simple ALBUMS view
  • Implementation of the ALBUMS view, which supports unlimited Groups and Albums, arranged in a treeview.
  • iPhone4 importing
  • iPad importing

You can download the new Beta from here:

The new Flamingo includes a migration feature that will migrate your v1.3 library to the new release. You will be asked to do this the first time FlamingoHD v1.5 starts up.

We're coming to MacWorld 2011...

ShedWorx is coming to America!

We have just booked in for MacWorld 2011 and will be running booth 305.

This is our biggest marketing push so far and we will be demoing all of our products including the two new ones in development.

While in the US of A we will also be visiting a bunch of our partners and pro users from California to New York.

Apart from the weather, we can't wait to be there :)

3D video is on its way!

3D video is on its way!

3D is now out in force in the consumer TV market and is about to appear for consumer video. Panasonic are first to market with a 3D consumer camcorder (the HDC-750K and variations) and will also release 3D lenses for their Lumix Micro 4/3 range (which includes the GH1, GF1 and G2 DSLRs). Here is a great article on the new Panasonic 3D camera from Colin at SimplyDV.

We've just updated the ShedWorx Test Bench with a Panasonic 3D TV and 3D Blu-ray player. The 3D movies are remarkably clear - much better than the 3D experience that you will get at a cinema. We're now waiting for the 3D cameras and lenses to ship to see how the 3D home movies look.

Technical Details

As far as we know (without seeing the first 3D movie samples), the 3D picture is being recorded using using a standard AVCHD format movie but with a side-by-side left/right view. 3D-capable TVs will detect the side-by-side video and display the left and right channels using 3D display.

The side-by-side approach means that each video stream will actually be 960x1080 in size. The X-axis will be "stretched" out from 960 to 1920 on playback, similar to the way older 1440x1080 cameras recorded 1920x1080 HD footage. This is a slightly lower HD format, so you can bet that there will be "Full HD 3D" entering the market next year. The beauty of the side-by-side approach is that it can be achieved without major changes to existing hardware, so that cameras such as the GH-1 can be made 3D-capable with a new lens and a firmware upgrade.

ShedWorx 3D suport

In July this year we released Native AVCHD editing for Voltaic and Revolver. Native AVCHD editing allows you to edit AVCHD footage without conversion, preserving the full quality of the original footage. It turns out that this will be perfect for 3D editing. We will release a 3D update to the whole product line, mainly to update our previewer so that it displays just one side of the dual-image video. Apart from that we will just do some testing and fine tuning of the Native AVCHD editing function and we will be right for 3D editing.

We should have some early 3D samples to work with by the end of August. We will then update our software lines to support 3D formatting so that you can edit a 3D home movie in either Voltaic or Revolver. Check back here (or even subscribe to the ShedWorx Blog in your RSS reader) and we'll post updates as we find out more.

FlamingoHD 1.5 is coming!

FlamingoHD 1.5 is coming!

After months of toil and over a year of planning, FlamingoHD version 1.5 is nearly done!

FlamingoHD 1.5 is a major redevelopment of Flamingo to make a whole lot faster and easier to use. Our first goal was to make Flamingo a lot faster with both large and small libraries. We have achieved this by completely redeveloping the content viewing area.

Our second major change was to move to a Folders and Albums approach with user-defined sorting of Albums, Folders and Content. This was the most requested feature for Flamingo, so we've got that all done for version 1.5.

Flamingo 1.5 now forms the basis for the next 12 months of development on Flamingo. By using our own custom-built viewing area we can now implement almost any feature in the content viewing and management area.

New viewing area

The viewing area on Flamingo has been completely redeveloped. We now have a multi-album view where you can scroll down through many albums, rather than just viewing one album at a time.

The new view has been optimised to run quickly on very large libraries and will not slow down as your library size grows.

Folders and Albums

We have dropped the Events and Projects idea from the old Flamingo and gone to Folders and Albums. You can now have whatever Folder structure you like and content will appear in an Album.

Many Flamingo users have requested this since Flamingo was first released in 2009. The new Folder/Album approach allows for much greater flexibility when organising your content.

What's Next?

We have a lot of major work in the pipeline for Flamingo, but our future plans are just that - plans. Not all of what we mention next will make it to a release.

The main focus once Flamingo 1.5 is done will be enhanced metadata support and tagging. We plan to pull all metadata (e.g. EXIF, IPTC) from imported photos and store that in the Flamingo database. We will also implement a tagging function to support easy and effective management of a tag library and subsequent tagging of content.

Finally, we have an iPad version of Flamingo in early Beta testing. The iPad application already supports Folder and Album management, Metadata, Tagging and Content updating. By the end of the year we plan to release the iPad Flamingo app along with cloud-based data sync of the Flamingo library between your iPad and desktop/laptop installation of Flamingo.

Thats everything we can share about Flamingo right now. We're sure that the new features of Flamingo will help many people stuck with the shortcomings of iPhoto and iMovie when it comes to managing your precious digital content.

One last thing - Flamingo 1.5 will be a free upgrade :)

VoltaicHD for Mac version 2.5.1

We have just released a bug fix release for VoltaicHD for Mac.

This release fixes a problem with FlamingoHD where AVCHD movies were not being sent to Voltaic. This was caused by the updated Applescript API in VoltaicHD 2.5

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