VoltaicHD For PC v2.3.3 Released

VoltaicHD v2.3.3 has been released and includes the following improvements:

- Added 24p inverse telecine pulldown support
- Fixed Quicktime movie to WMV issue.
- Added support for conversion to Quicktime movie.
- Greater support for AVCHD Lite.

RevolverHD version 1.3.1 released

RevolverHD 1.3.1 has been released and includes the following improvements:

- Added support to generate AVCREC disk structures.
- Added support for Casio files.
- Added Deactivation process.
- Greater support for Hauppage files.

VoltaicHD 2.0 - call for feature requests

We are in the planning stages for a big update to VoltaicHD for Mac and PC.

We have had a lot of feature requests from users over the last 12 months and now we're going to add many of them in.

If you have ideas or features that you would like to see added to VoltaicHD, please let us know.

You can get in touch by:



A new web site for ShedWorx

We're finally up with a new-look website for ShedWorx!

We have gone with a new layout that is way less cluttered and more like the "Apple style".

Users can still create accounts and log in to post comments on blogs.

We have also switched on Forums for the site. We hope that this will provide a place for people to ask questions about ShedWorx products and HD movie editing/management in general. We will keep an eye on the product forums and answer questions where we can.

For those who are interested, we're using Drupal6, running on one of our hosted Linux servers in Perth, Western Australia.

VoltaicHD for Mac v1.8.5 released

    We have just released a new version of VoltaicHD for Mac (v1.8.5).
  • Added 24p inverse telecine pulldown support.
  • Fixed activation display issue.
  • Greater support for Hauppage files.

Bug Fix release for FlamingoHD

FlamingoHD version 1.0.1 is now available. This is a minor bug fix release.

Bugs fixed include:

  • Not being able to Send to Voltaic/Editor/etc when in Filmstrip mode
  • Can't find RevolverHD in some situations
  • Repeated thumbnails in some Filmstrips
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