VoltaicHD v1.8.0 released

We have just released a new version of VoltaicHD (v1.8.0).

    The following items have been fixed/changed:
  • Moved exporting process to background. No more hanging for 10.4 and PowerPC users.
  • Fixes for Panasonic HMC, AVCHD Lite, JVC and CanonHF11 (detects duration and i/p correctly now) cameras
  • Better feedback when non HFS drives are used as Scratch and Output directories
  • Added Swedish Translation (Thanks to Marcus)
  • Fixed activation issue for Airbooks

FlamingoHD v0.1.1 released

We have just released the first bug fix build of FlamingoHD. This new build addresses a number of minor bugs that have been reported by users or found by us since FlamingoHD was first released.

    The following items have been fixed/changed:
  • Fixed performance issues on startup and when navigating between events/projects.
  • Fixed issue where VoltaicHD/RevolverHD could not be found.
  • Fixed issue with wrong Event icon being displayed when importing from camera structure.
  • Fixed issue with special characters in event/project names.
  • New keyboard shortcuts : Ctrl-A Selects all clips. Apple-R shows Activate window. Apple-W close main window.
  • When importing, shows how many files have been hidden.
  • Other minor fixes.

We are now working on the filmstrip view for video files. We see this as a very important feature for visually searching through multiple video clips very quickly. Preview screenshots will be posted on Twitter next week.

We expect to have this out in early April, which will be Flamingo v1.0.

FlamingoHD is Live!

We've gone live with FlamingoHD!

Version 0.1 contains the basic foundation of FlamingoHD. This includes the following base features:
- Importing from AVCHD Cameras and the filesystem
- Simple Event management
- Simple Project management
- Exporting to VoltaicHD, RevolverHD and iMovie

This first release of FlamingoHD provides a start point for the more advanced features that we have in development.

While we have our own development roadmap, we are also very interested in what features our users would like to see in FlamingoHD. If you have a good idea - send it in. We will seriously consider all feature requests sent in.

FlamingoHD supports multiple languages. We don't have a translation team here at ShedWorx, so we rely on generous users to translate our products into different languages. If you are able to translate FlamingoHD for us, please let us know.

Please see our Beta Details page for more info on what this Beta release is all about.


On Jan 27 2009 AVCHD Lite was released. On the same day Panasonic announced its new digital cameras with AVCHD Lite capability.

AVCHD Lite supports up to 1280x720p HD video, which generally means always at 1280x720p.

AVCHD already supports all resolutions from DVD (720x480i for NTSC or 720x576i for PAL) up to 1920x1080p, so what's with AVCHD Lite? This new sub-set of AVCHD uses a slightly different format to 'Full' AVCHD, so most AVCHD conversion/playing software will require an update in order to handle it correctly.

At ShedWorx, we are lucky enough to have a sample AVCHD Lite video clip from one of our friends at Panasonic, so we will update our product line later in February. All of our products will support AVCHD Lite well before the first new AVCHD Lite cameras start shipping in April.

VoltaicHD For PC v2.2.4 Released

VoltaicHD v2.2.4 has been released and includes the following improvements:

- Added option to output WMV files to 720p or 540p

FlamingoHD product page is up!

We have finally put up a product page to give more information about FlamingoHD.

Hopefully the product page tells the story about FlamingoHD. Our plan from here is to release version 0.1 (BETA) in mid to late February.

We have actually completed the feature list for version 0.1 of FlamingoHD already. The next month will be all about testing for us and our extended test team.

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