VoltaicHD For PC v2.2.3 Released

VoltaicHD v2.2.3 has been released and includes the following improvements:

- Fixed issue with stopping conversion.
- Fixed issue when using Report Problem and server is not found.

VoltaicHD for Mac v1.7.0 released

This release introduces the ability to convert a whole stack of different movie formats, not just AVCHD.

We now support DV, MPG, M4V, MP4 and TOD file extensions.

These formats are supported by QuickTime, so the conversion process will be quicker than usual.

One thing to note is that these conversions do cause VoltaicHD to be non-responsive. Don't worry - the conversion is happening. We'll make a change to run these exports in the background next year, thus re-enabling the progress indicator.

We're online with Twitter!

I've just set myself up on Twitter!

We are about to start work on what we hope will be a very cool new app. I'll be using Twitter to post tweets on how we're going and what we're up to.

Shedworx Twitter feed:

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    Give Good Food to your Mac!

    Give Good Food to your Mac is back and kicking!
    More than 60 apps for your Mac.

    Montpellier, France November 17th, 2008: Aquafadas is pleased to announce the launch of the Third Edition of Give Good Food to Your Mac. This promotion is organised by Indie developers from all over the world.

    Diversity and quality are main features of this community action. Every Mac user can download and taste more than 60 apps and enjoy discounts ranging from 20% to 50%.

    This year's edition will allow every Mac user to find the software they need amongst Comic Boom, Cheetah 3D, PulpMotion, RapidWeaver, Tangerine! GhostReader, DEVONthink, HoudahSpot, Renamer4mac and many more great apps.

    Claudia Zimmer, Aquafadas CEO explains, "We are pleased to introduce the Third Edition of 'Give Good Food to your Mac'. It's a chance for us to build a community among developers and together, create opportunities that would not be possible alone . Mac users benefit from it as they can discover our software at great prices."

    From the 17th to the 30th of November 2008, Mac users can create their own cocktail of apps and enjoy increasing discounts starting at 20% for 3 apps and up to an amazing 50% for 5 apps or more.


    Discounts are as follows
    - 20% off for 3 apps
    - 30% off for 4 apps
    - 50% off for 5 apps and more

    Contact Info
    To learn more about the Third Edition of Give Good Food to Your Mac, please contact Fatima AMGHAR, famghar@spicy-distribution.com

    The available products are
    - AlienConverter from AlienCrypt
    - Amigos Number Puzzles from Amigos Software
    - Amigos Spanish from Amigos Software
    - BannerZest from Aquafadas
    - BannerZest Pro from Aquafadas
    - Bee Docs' Timeline 3D Edition 2.2 from BeeDocs
    - BeFit Get Fit, Stay Fit, BeFit from Jon Brown Designs
    - Blue Crab from Limit Point Software
    - Cheetah 3D from MW 3D-Solutions
    - Comic Boom from Toon Boom Animation Inc.
    - DejalNarrator 2.0.3 from Dejal
    - DEVONagent from DEVONtechnologies, LLC
    - DEVONthink Personal from DEVONtechnologies, LLC
    - DiscLabel from SmileOnMyMac
    - dJay 2.1.3 from Algoriddim GmbH
    - Dossier from Vortimac
    - Dragoman from Dare to be Creative Ltd.
    - FastCut 3.0.6 from TimesForFun
    - Flip Boom Classic from Toon Boom Animations Inc.
    - Fluffy's Log 1.1.1 from Shallot Patch
    - French Verb Game from Amigos Software
    - FunBooth 0.9.3 from SourceBits
    - Geoaze Pro from SilverLint Creative Software
    - Geoaze Standard from SilverLint Creative Software
    - GhostReader English Version from ConvenienceWare
    - GhostReader French version from ConvenienceWare
    - HoudahGeo from Houdah
    - HoudahSpot from Houdah
    - Hydra 1.6 + Aperture plug-in from Creaceed
    - iArchiver from Dare to be Creative Ltd.
    - iDive from Aquafadas
    - iKanji 1.0 from ThinkMac Software
    - JABMenu 2.0.1 from JNSoftware
    - Kameleon From Option-6 Products
    - Librarian Pro from Koingo Software
    - MacCleanse from Koingo Software
    - MacPilot 3 from Koingo Software
    - Mail Attachments iConizer from Lokiware
    - Mental Case from MacCoreMac Software
    - Money 3 from Jumsoft
    - Nutritionist from Dr. Frank Kowalewski
    - PearNote 1.0 from UsefulFruit Software
    - PulpMotion from Aquafadas
    - Pulpmotion Advanced from Aquafadas
    - RapidWeaver 4 from Realmac Software
    - Relationship from Jumsoft
    - Renamer4Mac from Dare to be Creative Ltd.
    - ResizeMe 1.2.0 from Dare to be Creative Ltd.
    - RubiTrack from Toolsfactory software inc.
    - Scorecard 1.4.1 from CynicalPeak Software
    - ScreenAudit 1.3 from ArtenScience
    - Scribbles from Atebits
    - Secret of the Lost Cavern From Coladia
    - Share Tool from Yazsoft
    - ShoveBox from Wonder Warp Software SP
    - Speed Download 5 from Yazsoft
    - SplitFuse 1.3 from LikelySoft
    - SWF&FLV Player from Eltima Software
    - Syncmate from Eltima Software
    - Tangerine! from Potion Factory
    - Today 1. 3 from Second Gear LLC
    - Together from Reinvented Software
    - Toon Boom Studio From Toon Boom Animation Inc.
    - VideoPier HD from Aquafadas
    - Voice Candy from Potion Factory
    - VoltaicHD from Shedworx
    - You Control Desktops 1.3 from You Software
    - Yummy Soup from HungrySeacow Software

    VoltaicHD For PC v2.2.2 Released

    VoltaicHD v2.2.2 has been released and includes the following improvements:

    - Fixes for the auto detection of Windows Media Player v11.

    VoltaicHD for Mac version 1.6.2 released

    VoltaicHD v1.6.2 has been released and includes the following improvements:

    - Fix for machines running 10.5.* on PowerPC boxes.

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