Vista Issues

For those using Vista a few users have experienced problems in installing VoltaicHD. Ensure you have the correct Administrator privileges when installing VoltaicHD, otherwise it may have problems copying files to the necessary directories.

Some users have had problems when activating their registered version of VoltaicHD (i.e. Access denied errors), so ensure that you are using the latest setup.exe. We have found that if you have downloaded the demo version from sites such as Tucows it is still referencing an old version (v1.0.12). The latest version is v1.0.14 and a link is on our main page. Hopefully Tucows will be updated soon.

Also there are known problems with Vista Movie Maker v6 (as read on the forums) whereby it doesn't publish the final video into the correct 16:9 format. In this case your video is still in 4:3 format and the video may look "tall and skinny". We are currently working on overcoming this issue and a new version should be out soon, or let us know if you'd like to trial this version and we'll send you a new link.

VoltaicHD for PC Launched!

Today we have un-officially launched the VoltaicHD for PC converter.

VoltaicHD for PC has been created from the highly successful VoltaicHD for Mac converter.

VoltaicHD is a video converter which converts AVCHD video clips into a format that can be edited easily by Apple's iMovie or Microsoft's Movie Maker. This means that you can edit HD movies on the movie editor that comes 'out of the box' with Apple OSX or Microsoft Windows.

Voltaic now licensed for AVC/H.264 (MPEG4)

Voltaic is now an officially licensed MPEG4 product, meaning that all users are legally covered for usage of the MPEG4 patent set.

All software products which convert AVC/H.264 (otherwise known as MPEG4 Part 10) video are required to be licensed with the MPEG Licensing Authority. AVC/H.264 is the underlying codec used by AVCHD.

This doesn't make a lot of difference to our product functionality, but it does mean that we are now 'legal'. Any software product that deals with MPEG video standards without being licensed runs the risk of being permanently shut down at short notice.

AVCHD Licencing

We are now in the process of sorting out licencing of Voltaic with the AVCHD Co-Producers.

As a result (at their request) we have removed all (well, most) references to AVCHD from the site.

AVCHD is the trademark of the AVCHD Co-Producers (Sony and Panasonic). As such we cannot use it in reference to Voltaic until we have licenced usage of the trademark.

Once we are through the licencing process, assuming they don't want a huge amount of cash, we'll be able to officially reference AVHCD and use their logo.

Until then, nothing has changed with Voltaic. We are OK to continue as we are. We hope to have official licencing of AVCHD sometime in the future.

The state of AVCHD on Macintosh computers and evolution of Voltaic

Why Voltaic?
When I first heard of the hard drive based high definition video cameras back in 2006, I was excited. I was very interested in getting a HD video camera, mostly for chronicling the first years of my daughter's life. In December of 2006 I took the plunge and bought a Sony HDR-SR1. Well, truthfully, I conned my father into buying the video camera as a Christmas present, but that is an aside. I obtained the SR1 knowing full-well that there was not support for AVCHD™ on OS X. Surely, Apple™ or Sony™ would quickly support the new consumer HD format on OS X.

Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our new development blog.

Voltaic has been a big hit in its first week so we'll be spending some of our time making ongoing improvements.

Keep an eye on this blog for new releases and general AVCHD video conversion info.

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