FREE Upgrade to Cosmos for Mac and iOS

We've just released a major update to Cosmos on both the Mac and iPhone/iPad.

Current owners of Cosmos for Mac can get the update via Auto-update or you can download it here.

Cosmos for Mac is now also available on the Mac App Store for the first time!

Cosmos for iPhone and iPad can be updated from the iTunes App Store.

This release of Cosmos has a lot of improvements. Here are the highlights...

Cosmos for Mac changes:

  • Improved Photo support - all Photo metadata is now captured by Cosmos on Import, and key details are displayed in the Information panel.
  • Added Ratings and Flags to metadata you can now set ratings and flag assets of interest
  • Improved Information display for all assets - you can now see more info about your assets in the Information panel.
  • Notes - you can now add Notes to Albums to help you keep track of what the photos or videos were taken of.
  • Improved Sync feedback - the Syncing process now gives you feedback in the bottom of the Cosmos window so that you can see what's going on
  • Import Fixes - Fixed a number of bugs around large scale imports. Cosmos has now been tested and verified against batch imports of up to 10,000 assets at a time.

Cosmos for iPhone and iPad changes:

  • Import and Shoot Photos - you can now take photos on your iPhone and iPad and have them added to your Cosmos Library immediately. As soon as the photo is taken, Cosmos sends them back to the Cloud for safe keeping and syncing to other devices
  • Take Notes - you can now add Notes to any Album to help you keep track of what the Album is about
  • Ratings and Flags - you can Flag and Rate you assets and have this data sent to the cloud
  • Improved Sync feedback - its now easier to Connect and see what is going on with your Sync process
  • Sync Reliability - We have fixed a number of bugs around how Cosmos behaved when going in and out of the background. Cosmos is now a lot more reliable when you start and stop it.

This upgrade has also required us to upgrade the CloudSync system. Those of you using the CloudSync service will have to switch to the new version of Cosmos OSX and iOS in order to run against the upgraded CloudSync. Your Library will have been upgraded on the Cloud.