FlamingoHD 1.5 is into final Beta testing!

Flamingo 1.5 is now in feature lockdown as we move into final Beta testing. Over the next two weeks we will be polishing up the application, making it ready for general release.

The new Features of Flamingo 1.5 include:

  • Completely revamped user interface, offering a host of new features
  • Removal of Projects and Events, replaced with simple ALBUMS view
  • Implementation of the ALBUMS view, which supports unlimited Groups and Albums, arranged in a treeview.
  • iPhone4 importing
  • iPad importing

You can download the new Beta from here:

The new Flamingo includes a migration feature that will migrate your v1.3 library to the new release. You will be asked to do this the first time FlamingoHD v1.5 starts up.

Notes about build 219

- I guess, that notification about new builds appear in this thread?

- Linked import works fine now

- Icons are created successfully even for "semi-corrupted" AVCHD files

- Filmstrips are created fast. "Semi-corrupted" AVCHD files sometimes get a correct video strip created, sometimes not (strip stays empty, with my first corrupt file)

- In the FlamingoHD folder structure, the folder library contains sub-folders, but all are empty. Can "library" be deleted?


Link failing

Hi Falk,

thanks for testing. We've logged the problem and will have it fixed very soon.



Linked Import doesn't work correct

I suppose beta comments should be place here.

With build 218 I could migrate my old Flamingo database, and the GUI looks nicer for my taste.

However, when importing new stuff and checking the "link" option instead of "copy", the video files are nevertheless imported into the Flamingo database. And when I imported 4 files in the same import job, Flamingo crashed (apparently) at the end of the import job, and crashed again after every subsequent start, until I rebooted my 10.6.4 Macbook.

I hand-deleted the newly imported stuff, i.e. the FlamingoHD/library/2010 folder, and will happily wait for the next build ;-)

Hope this helps...


Hi Falk,

This is now fixed. Please try out the new Beta.