We have released a Beta version of FlamingoHD so that we can start getting user feedback to help steer us in the right direction.

User Feedback

While we have a fairly clear idea of where we are heading with FlamingoHD, nothing beats real-world feedback. We have found that even for relatively simple products like VoltaicHD and RevolverHD, user suggested features have often been our biggest winners.


As for all Beta software, we expect FlamingoHD to contain some bugs. We have been involved in serious testing of FlamingoHD for many weeks before its initial release so we hope that all the serious bugs are gone. If you do find any sort of bug, please let us know. We plan to be releasing weekly updates for the first month of FlamingoHD's life.

Why try the Beta?

Finally, you might be asking "Why should I bother with the Beta release? I'll just wait until version 1.0". Well, we expect 1.0 to be few months away, and we believe that FlamingoHD solves a problem for many people right now. For these reasons, we decided to release the partially-complete version of FlamingoHD.

As a way of rewarding our early-adopters, we are selling the Beta version of FlamingoHD at a large discount to our planned full price. Purchasing and using the FlamingoHD Beta helps us, so we're trying to give something back.