Almost 12 months ago we started thinking about a better way to manage video on the Mac. We were struggling with the limited asset management capability in iMovie, and a few of us were using Final Cut Express which has no asset management at all.

After a month or two scouring the web for possible solutions we came to the conclusion that there wasn't anything all that good out there. Being competent Mac developers we decided to give this a go ourselves.

We now have FlamingoHD with its easy to use Importing, great Filmstrip view and simple exporting to iMovie and Final Cut.

Now is a good time to thank everyone who has helped us get to this point. From the talented software engineers who made it all happen, to the testers who made sure everything worked, to the graphic designers who added the polish to the user interface. We also have to thank everyone who has purchased the Beta version and given us valuable feeback and bug reports from the real world.

We have some very exciting new features in the pipeline for FlamingoHD. If we can get this next set of ideas working, FlamingoHD will become a truly revolutionary video management system. At the moment its just really handy ;)

Key features of the 1.0 Release:

  • Filmstrip view - check this out for yourself. We think its reason enough to start using FlamingoHD
  • Numerous minor bug fixes