Audio/Video sync problems

We reveive many questions from users about the HD videos produced by VoltaicHD.

The most common question is 'Why is my audio and video out of sync?'

The simple answer is - your hardware isn't keeping up with the playback.

The reason the audio and video appears to be out of synch is that the audio plays back fine, because its easy for the computer to do. When it comes to video, the system struggles. A large percentage of the frames are 'dropped' which means they are never displayed. Those frames that are displayed are usually 'late', i.e. significantly delayed from when they should have been shown. This gives you the apparent audio/video sync problem.

As you can see, there is no real sync problem. What you really have is a video dropped/delayed problem, due to hardware limitations on playback.

While your system may not be able to playback full HD video, you can still edit it. Editors work on a small preview size of the actual video which is much easier to display (this is called a proxy video).

For those with Macs, the following article may provide some help as well, since there has been reports of Quicktime issues and choppy playback: Choppy Playback