Download Cosmos for Mac


Manage your Loops from your Mac!

Its Easy

Its great to manage your Loops from your iPhone or iPad, but somethings are just easier on your Mac. Download Loops for Mac to get organised FAST.

Instant Sync

Changes that you make to your Loops from your Mac are synced immediately. Everyone on your Loop will see your changes straight away.


Organise your photos into Groups and Albums. Create a Keyword hierarchy and tag your photos to make them easier to search.


Albums are auto-created when you take photos in your Loop. Create as many Albums as you like in every Loop.


Groups allow you to create a hierarchy to store your Albums. There is no limit to the number of Groups or levels that you set up in in a Loop, but we recommend no more than 5 levels deep otherwise it can get too hard to find your way around.


Update titles, descriptions and other metadata. Each asset can have its Title, Date and Notes updated.


Photos are named with a simple sequence number when you takes photos in a Loop. You can edit this to be something more meaningful to you, and something that you might want to search on later.


Every photo can have its Notes updated with up to 255 characters. All text in the Notes field is available for searching.


Each photo you take has its date recorded. Use this date to find photos of interest.

Text Search

Loops for Mac allows you to search by Text across the Title and Description fields of all photos. You can quickly search across the whole Loop, or within specific Albums or Groups.

Date Search

Loops for Mac allows you to search by date in a similar way to the Text search. You can search for a specific date or across a date range. The date search works against the Date data held against each asset.


Lightning-fast imports from your hard drives and cameras. Loops for Mac will copy in content from your camera, but only link to content from your hard drives (this can be controlled in the Preferences). Importing from hard drives is remarkably fast.

Quick Preview

Whenever you start off a Camera Import, the contents of your Camera will be quickly displayed on the screen. From this screen you can just Import the content that you select, or Import everything.

Supports all Cameras!

Loops supports all modern camera types. This includes high-end digital SLR cameras through to simple point-and-click digital still cameras. iPhone4 and iPad are also supported.


Export a single photo, an Album or an entire Loop.


Select a single Photo, an Album, a Group of your entire Loop for exporting. Loops for Mac exports all the photos you need out to your hard drive.


Loops for Mac simply copies out the required photos. No processing, formatting or manipulation required. Its super-fast!