MovieShare for for iPhone, iPad and the Mac

We've just released MovieShare, the great new way to share movies between any iPhone, iPad and Mac, and it's FREE!

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

MovieShare for the iPhone and iPad lets your easily share movies of any size between any iPhone, iPad or Mac. No iTunes, no syncing, just fast and easy sharing. Learn More...

and the Mac

MovieShare for the Mac does everything the iPhone and iPad version does, but with the option to upgrade and get batch sending and conversions.

Batch sending lets you send multiple movies to multiple devices all at once. A great way to get large numbers of movies to all your devices.

The MovieShare upgrade includes our Smart Converter Engine, the same engine that powers the most popular video converters on the Mac App Store. The Smart Converter Engine makes sure that any movie that you throw at MovieShare is converted to the right format for your devices. Learn More...

Get the free MovieShare download today for iPhone and the Mac and see how easy movie sharing can be!