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After much arguing about colours, user interface design and the size of the Shedworx speakers, Music Converter is now live on the Mac App Store.

And it's FREE.

Music Converter gives you all this for FREE:

  • Simple to use - drag, drop and click convert - Music Converter Pro looks after the rest.
  • Supports 100's of media formats and converts for all your favourite devices and file types.
  • Convert from - MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA, M4A, AIFF, FLV and many more.
  • Convert to - MP3, AAC, M4A (Apple Lossless), M4R (iPhone Ringtone), FLAC, WAV and more.
  • Video Support - convert your video soundtracks.
  • Ringtones - create iPhone ringtones from your favourite music.
  • Track Information Editing - edit album, artist and track information.
  • iTunes Savvy - auto imports your converted music to iTunes.

Music Converter is following in the footsteps of the super-successful Smart Converter, giving people a top quality free converter with the ability to upgrade to the Pro version for extra features.

Music Converter has already broken into the Top Ten list for free Music apps all over the world, so we're off to a good start.

So do yourself a favour and install Music Converter now!

Loss of track data converting to AAC

I have been playing with the product but came upon an issue when converting to AAC (from MP3 as least).
There is some loss of track data, most notably Track x of y and Disk x of y and Album Artist. When I try a conversion from AAC to MP3, the metadata seems to go through.

Otherwise, the app is very cool and I am really happy. Is this something you can fix?

Also, is there some means of automating the product, with Automator or AppleScript? I need to throw 25 years worth of music at it....
Be gentle, I am more at home with VBS/CMD/Powershell (work) than I am with the OS X platform (home).

Thanks for your help,


Hi Pat,

The loss of metadata going from AAC to MP3 is a known bug and will be fixed in the next release, due out soon.

We don't have an AppleScript API into Music Converter yet, but it is on the roadmap.

This means that you can't write Automator scripts for Music Converter yet.

Music Converter Pro will process a folder structure of music, so try that out to see if it deals with your library. The metadata fix will be out soon, so once that is in you may be right to convert your library.

Thanks for asking!

Conversion from iTunes to mp3

I just installed Music Converter Pro and tried do convert a file from iTunes (256 kb/s) to mp3. The quality of the mp3 file became very low (32 kb/s). Why?


I've also tried to convert the file directly from the CD, but with the same result.

Low MP3 quality

Our default AAC to MP3 conversion preset is producing low bit rate MP3 output in some cases. I've raised this as a bug so it will be fixed in the next update.

In the meantime, there is a workaround. Create a Custom Preset for MP3 at 256k and use that instead of the built-in MP3 output option. This will work OK.

Low MP3 quality

It worked! Tnx!

Music Converter Pro Bit Rate bug

i Just bought Music Converter Pro via App Store.

i want to convert from AIF or flac to AAC at 320k of bit rate and it does not show up in the menu.
When i choose 192k, the output files are 152k.
When i choose the bit rate "as source", the output files are still 152k.
i tried to convert via the "Convert via iTunes" menu, but the output files are still 152k even if i choose 320k in the iTunes Preferences.

waiting for a solution...


HD Audio

Hi JP - thanks for the post.

We are fixing this right now. Once it's all done and tested we will do a blog post to explain it all.

We have a bug where high quality audio is getting downgraded to 192k when going to MP3 and AAC in the general output options. We are fixing this to go to 320k for high quality audio.

We have also failed to include the 320k output option on the custom settings bit rates. We are adding this in.

We will look the issue you are seeing with 192k output. Bit rates are not an exact science, but the default output from Music Converter should be closer to 192k than 152k. We will look into this.

Thanks for your fast

Thanks for your fast reply!

320k output

The new version of Music Converter and Pro are both on the Mac App Store now with full support for 320k output for MP3 and AAC. See the blog post for all the details.

Music Converter Pro and file info (artist/album)

Happy Thanksgiving! Today I am trying to convert my music library (currently in .flac) to a format readable to iTunes so I can upload to the cloud. I just bought Music Converter Pro and it seems to do what I want except that it does not maintain the file structure (artist\album\song) in the export and, more importantly, doesn't seem to retain any of the file info tags when it converts. So, when I import to iTunes, each song is imported as "unknown artist" and "unknown album." Is there any way to retain all this info so iTunes recognizes the artist and album?



Music Converter Pro

Hello - does anyone at shedworx have any insights to the problem I asked about last week?



Folders and metadata

Hi Joe,

we will be looking into this now. We do support a single fodder depth right now, so will look into what is going on when deeper folder structures are used.

We will also check the metadata issue when converting from FLAC to other formats.

Files and Metadata

Thanks for the reply. After further investigation, I noticed that your program does retain the file structure (artist\album\song) that my original flac files are in. However, iTunes still does not recognize the metadata. Or perhaps the metadata is not retained during the conversion In any event, thanks for looking into this issue.


Folder structures

Hi Joe,

thanks for the follow up. I had the developers telling me that the folder structure is always preserved, so glad you were able to confirm it.

As for the FLAC metadata - yes that was a bug. It is now fixed under version 1.2.0, available now on the Mac App Store!



Im trying to convert videos into avi format, however when you select divx from the others menu and convert the app immediately goes into error.

All other conversions types appear to function, is avi not supported or am i doing something wrong?

many thanks,


AVi to DivX

Hi Tim.

what format are you converting from? Please send us a sample file (via YouSendIt or similar) to

thanks for getting back to

thanks for getting back to me...

im converting from .m4v (M4P), the output of RipIt... file size was just over 1.2GB.

Dont have the file to hand now but will be able to send later if needed.

All other options within SmartConverter seem to convert without issue, just need this in avi specifically.