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Music Converter and Music Converter Pro version 1.2.0 are available now on the Mac App Store.

This release is for the audiophiles, and anyone who wants the best quality music out of their iPod and iPhone!

Music Converter and Music Converter Pro now support conversions to AAC and MP3 up to 320k bit rate.

This means that Music Converter and Music Converter Pro now support audio conversions up to the maximum quality playable by Apple devices.

We hope you like it!

The Full Story

We received a LOT of feedback about the quality settings that we had chosen for our audio conversions.

We initially designed Music Converter and Music Converter Pro to convert for iTunes (and MP3) at the relatively low bit rate of 192k. This was also the maximum that we allowed for custom conversions in Music Converter Pro.

Whats the bit rate? This is simply the quality of the audio file.

192k is what iTunes used to use for music that you purchased. They have since bumped up to 256k.

iPods, iPhones and iPads can play music at up to 320k.

It turns out that there are a lot of you out there who have high quality original music files that you want to convert onto your iPods and iPhones. The default conversion of Music Converter at 192k just didn't cut it.

You spoke, we listened.

Based on your feedback, we decided to completely redevelop the conversion process for AAC audio in order to support 320k bit rate output. This will result in better music quality all round.

We've also increased the output bit rate for MP3, now going up to 320k also.

Finally, we also fixed a few minor bugs, including preservation of metadata for FLAC files.

As always, Music Converter and Music Converter Pro share the same conversion engine. The basic iTunes, AAC and MP3 conversions in Music Converter are full quality.

loss of track numbers

when I convert from MP3 to AAC and then import to iTunes I lose the track numbers. I don't want to import directly to iTunes, is there a way to keep the numbers ?

Track numbers

We do preserve the track's metadata on conversion but I can see the track number disappearing when going from MP3 to AAC. I've raised a bug on this so it will be fixed in our next update.

I just bought your app since

I just bought your app since I loved the interface, but only now found it always loses the track number when converting to AAC. It is not only from MP3, the same thing happens from FLAC, for example. Sorting the tracks in the app interface does nothing, the final result always has no track number.

Please fix this as soon as possible. The application has no use for iTunes users since iTunes relies heavily on this field information.

Track number problem

We're going to look at this now. Once we have a fix we will submit to the App Store.


This fix is now live on and will be up on the Mac App Store sometime next week.

Thanks for bringing this bug to our attention.

Music Conferier Pro 1.2 - bad mp3-quality

This day I purchased Music Converter Pro 1.2. I'm very disappointed about mp3-quality. It's incredible bad.

Low quality audio bug

We have fixed another bug around low audio quality that was happening when converting 256k AAC (iTunes Match music) to MP3.

This was producing 32k mp3 output in some cases. Fixed now to produce the same as the input bit rate.

MP3 quality

The default output settings for the MP3 preset are 192k unless high quality input is detected, in which case we use 320k output.

What input files are you using?

Strange bug i Music Converter Pro

Hi. I just started converting my FLAC-files to Aplle Lossless. It all seems to work fine, except for one strange thing: Songs with durations 5:06, 5:07 and 5:08 don´t finish converting. Very strange bud, indeed.

FLAC conversions

Good to hear that the FLAC conversions are generally working OK. Please send one of the failing FLAC files in to and we will have a look.

64k bit rate

Great app, but my comment is similar the rest on the options of bit rate.

I'm a podcaster and the best and most common bit rate for voice podcast is 64k mono. Only 96k and 32k is an option.

I would love to use this as part of my full workflow to simply drop in a aiff file and bounce the right size/version of my mp3.

Thanks for the app!

64k setting

Sure - we can add 64k, but it will be in stereo, assuming the input is stereo.

Podcasts that I listen to are usually stereo, so I'm thinking that would be ok?

64k done

64k mp3 output option is now available under Custom Presets on Music Converter Pro.

Out now on Shedworx, out next week on the Mac App Store!

Info editing

This is easier that you think. You just double click the Artist or Album name in the album header area, and the same for the track name in the list.

There is no need to find a pop-up info box or anything like that. Just edit the names in-place.

Track Information Editing

I just bought Music Converter Pro and I can not find how to do "Track Information Editing - edit album, artist and track information" as published in your page.