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Music Converter and Music Converter Pro version 1.3 are now out on the Mac App Store and

This is a bug fix update mainly focused on preserving track numbers when converting from MP3 and FLAC to AAC. This will help everyone using Music Converter to import libraries of music into iTunes.

The other new feature that we've added to Music Converter Pro is support for converting to the True Audio codec. True Audio is an open source lossless audio codec which supports the encoding of raw audio into a lossless but highly compressed format.

This is a great app. Would

This is a great app. Would highly recommend it for all!

i want the app

i want the app

Batch conversion-Artist name

I just purchased Music Converter Pro. This is a great product, although when converting multiple files, the artist name becomes the same for all songs (the same as the artist of the first song in the list). Would be nice to fix it... Thanks, Paul

Hi, Yes, I bought Music


Yes, I bought Music Convertor Pro to convert complete directory's.
Problem is that the generated mp3 all have the same artist name (the name of the first one in the list).

Please, update the software.

Artist name

Thanks for raising this one.

We've been trying every possible combination of file types and metadata settings that we can think of but can't reproduce this. We have converted huge directories of music in one batch, with multiple artists and albums and all come out OK.

We need to know more about exactly what files you are converting, possibly with samples.

Its possible all of our test music has artist and album set in the original file metadata, which comes through to the converted files. If you have files in the batch without their internal metadata set, its possible that metadata from previous files is being set in subsequent files. This is just an idea as we can't reproduce this behaviour.

If possible, could you send in a sample of the files that aren't being tagged correctly. Once we can reproduce this it will be an easy fix.