We've gone live with FlamingoHD!

Version 0.1 contains the basic foundation of FlamingoHD. This includes the following base features:
- Importing from AVCHD Cameras and the filesystem
- Simple Event management
- Simple Project management
- Exporting to VoltaicHD, RevolverHD and iMovie

This first release of FlamingoHD provides a start point for the more advanced features that we have in development.

While we have our own development roadmap, we are also very interested in what features our users would like to see in FlamingoHD. If you have a good idea - send it in. We will seriously consider all feature requests sent in.

FlamingoHD supports multiple languages. We don't have a translation team here at ShedWorx, so we rely on generous users to translate our products into different languages. If you are able to translate FlamingoHD for us, please let us know.

Please see our Beta Details page for more info on what this Beta release is all about.