We have just released the first bug fix build of FlamingoHD. This new build addresses a number of minor bugs that have been reported by users or found by us since FlamingoHD was first released.

    The following items have been fixed/changed:
  • Fixed performance issues on startup and when navigating between events/projects.
  • Fixed issue where VoltaicHD/RevolverHD could not be found.
  • Fixed issue with wrong Event icon being displayed when importing from camera structure.
  • Fixed issue with special characters in event/project names.
  • New keyboard shortcuts : Ctrl-A Selects all clips. Apple-R shows Activate window. Apple-W close main window.
  • When importing, shows how many files have been hidden.
  • Other minor fixes.

We are now working on the filmstrip view for video files. We see this as a very important feature for visually searching through multiple video clips very quickly. Preview screenshots will be posted on Twitter next week.

We expect to have this out in early April, which will be Flamingo v1.0.