We have just released RevolverHD for Mac with two new key features.

Firstly, we have added the ability to create Camera Archives which can be imported into iMovie or Final Cut. This feature allows you to take any of your original AVCHD movie files and create a disk image. This disk image will be recognised by iMovie and Final Cut as an AVCHD camera and can be imported into your editor.

Unlike the built-in Apple feature, you can select any valid AVCHD movie files and create a Camera Archive. You are no longer limited to just archiving all content from your camera at once.

The second feature in this release is support for AVCHD Lite. You can create AVCHD DVDs containing AVCHD Lite content which will play back on a supported Blu-ray player. AVCHD Lite Camera Archives won't be of any use yet as iMovie and Final Cut do not yet support AVCHD Lite. You will need VoltaicHD to take care of that :)

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