For those using Vista a few users have experienced problems in installing VoltaicHD. Ensure you have the correct Administrator privileges when installing VoltaicHD, otherwise it may have problems copying files to the necessary directories.

Some users have had problems when activating their registered version of VoltaicHD (i.e. Access denied errors), so ensure that you are using the latest setup.exe. We have found that if you have downloaded the demo version from sites such as Tucows it is still referencing an old version (v1.0.12). The latest version is v1.0.14 and a link is on our main page. Hopefully Tucows will be updated soon.

Also there are known problems with Vista Movie Maker v6 (as read on the forums) whereby it doesn't publish the final video into the correct 16:9 format. In this case your video is still in 4:3 format and the video may look "tall and skinny". We are currently working on overcoming this issue and a new version should be out soon, or let us know if you'd like to trial this version and we'll send you a new link.