With VoltaicHD for Mac version 1.8.7 we made some significant improvements in the amount of processing power used during conversion.

This means that while VoltaicHD is working, it uses around half the CPU power that it did previously.

On single core machines (i.e. PowerPC Macs) this should equate to a halving of processing time.

On dual core and above machines, this means that VoltaicHD now takes up a single core only, instead of two.

For most users (running Intel dual core) this means that VoltaicHD now runs quietly in the background, rather than soaking up all of your CPU power. We've found that this really does make a big difference to the whole conversion workflow, as you can now kick of a conversion and continue doing whatever you need to do, rather than having your Mac tied up.

Compared with the faster Apple conversion, VoltaicHD still takes considerably longer to convert a file, but it can now all be done in the background without tying up your machine.