Why Voltaic?
When I first heard of the hard drive based high definition video cameras back in 2006, I was excited. I was very interested in getting a HD video camera, mostly for chronicling the first years of my daughter's life. In December of 2006 I took the plunge and bought a Sony HDR-SR1. Well, truthfully, I conned my father into buying the video camera as a Christmas present, but that is an aside. I obtained the SR1 knowing full-well that there was not support for AVCHD™ on OS X. Surely, Apple™ or Sony™ would quickly support the new consumer HD format on OS X. Well, a few OS and iMovie revisions came and went, and no love. Therefore, I embarked on a twisted road toward the eventual creation of Voltaic.
What is Voltaic?
If you have not figured it out yet, Voltaic converts AVCHD™ content into Quicktime™ movies in the Apple™ Intermediate Codec (AIC) format. Currently it is a bit of a one trick pony, but we have plans to expand the software, and improve quality and stability. The main goal of Voltaic was to produce OS X editable video content while maintaining as high as possible the original quality. Therefore, since the AVCHD™ content is interlaced, we leave it interlaced. Since the cameras capture at 1440x1080, we leave the video in the 1440x1080 format. Technically, the AIC scales the video a bit, but we are using the HDV1080i compressor settings.
Why the name Voltaic?
The name Voltaic came from the AIC codec and a dictionary search of words that included "aic". Prosaic was a bit dull, and mosaic was just not as catchy as Voltaic. Plus, for trademark issues we had to avoid AVCHD™ in the name.
What is the story with Curing Cancer?
By night (and lunch break) I code Macintosh programs. By day, I am a scientist. As such, I recognized that the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society was worth supporting. I never figured that Voltaic would make me rich, and it has not, but there is not too much money in academic research either. So from the start I decided that 1/2 of income would go to L&LS. Since the income is split 50/50 between partners, this means that all of my share goes towards the L&LS. By purchasing a Voltaic license, you are supporting efforts to fight cancers of the blood.

So, that is a general overview of the beginnings and reasonings behind Voltaic. This blog will mostly discuss the current state of Voltaic and plans for the future. Stay tuned.