ShedWorx Development Plans for 2010

Here are the ShedWorx development plans for 2010, as of January.

Our development for 2010 will focus on two main areas - AVCHD workflow and Digital Asset Management.

This focus on some big new features will mean that we won't be doing many bug fix releases for any products as we go. All of our efforts will be focused on the new features. This means that if you report a bug you will most likely get the 'it will be fixed in the next release' answer, rather than us pushing out a quick fix.

These plans are just that - plans. We're not guaranteeing that these features will be completed as we lay them out here, we're just letting you know what we intend to do this year.

AVCHD Workflow

We have always been working towards an end-to-end native AVCHD workflow. This started with the ShedWorx AVCHD Editor introduced with VoltaicHD version 2 last year.

This year we will complete the workflow by adding native AVCHD output from Voltaic. This will include trimming and joining for AVCHD.

This new feature will allow you to access AVCHD movies on your camera, do simple trims and a join to create a new AVCHD movie.

Why would you do this?

  • Its fast - no conversion delays at any point in the workflow
  • Perfect Quality - we won't be converting the AVCHD at any point, so what you get out the end is what the camera shot

The AVCHD movie produced by VoltaicHD can then be played back on a PS3 or burnt to AVCHD DVD using RevolverHD, for playback on any Blu-ray player.

Digital Asset Management

FlamingoHD as been a good product for us, but its only in its early stages now. During 2010 we will re-focus on Flamingo, to give it an overhaul in the following areas:

  • User Experience - we will be re-working the media views that we currently have to provide a faster, easier way to navigate your library
  • Digital Asset Management - we'll be focusing on better ways to manage your library and metadata
  • Editing - we will introduce simple edit support for all supported media types

Incorrect information in your article about Panasonic GH1

Sorry for posting this comment in the wrong blog, but you don't have comments enabled under Panasonic GH1 blog article. Your statement that "None of the Pro DSLRs have auto-focus while recording video." is incorrect. The very camera you are reviewing has this capability and I don't think you mentioned this.
Please read it here:
"GH1 is capable of continuous autofocus in movie mode using its purpose-designed contrast-detect AF system"

Your statement is only correct if you are using non-panasonic (Nikon, Canon etc.) lenses via adapter. In this case, yes, you don't have autofocus. With the kit lens you can use autofocus.

Auto-focus on the GH1

Sorry - my statement in the GH1 reveiw was a bit misleading. By 'Pro DSLR' I was referring to the likes of the Canon 5D, 1D, etc. I don't rate the GH1 as a Pro DSLR.

The big point (that I didn't make clear) is that the GH1 does have live auto-focus while shooting video. None of the Pro DSLRs can do this, making their 'Full HD' video capabilities relatively unusable.

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