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Voltaic 2.5 Beta

I have used the Beta version to stitch together a sequence of shots from my Panasonic SD5 AVCHD camcorder which I then burned on to a AVCHD format DVD using Revolver. When inserted into my Sony BDP S760 it plays through the first two or three shots in the sequence at which point the picture on the TV freezes (although the display on the Blu ray player continues to count off the seconds). I have repeated the editing process with different source materials and different brands of DVD-R discs but the result is the same. The Sony player has no problem with AVCHD DVDs burnt using Revolver without the intermediate Voltaic editing process, although of course the player pauses between each track, rather than producing the continuous sequence that I am aiming to achieve. Meanwhile I would say that the picture quality from a fairly old fashioned AVCHD camcorder that is achieved from AVCHD format DVDs with Revolver is so good that I have deferred upgrading the camcorder for another year at least.

Keith Hodgkinson

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