VoltaicHD version 2.5 - for Mac and PC!

We've finally got both the PC and Mac versions of VoltaicHD into Beta testing and available for download.

Click here to download VoltaicHD for Mac Beta

Click here to download VoltaicHD for PC Beta

We're a little behind schedule because we've been working on a separate video project for an OEM client. The work is all under NDA, but we can say that the work is all related to H.264 video streaming, using the software that powers our AVCHD previewer. The advances that we make in our OEM work will give us a better AVCHD previewer for ShedWorx later this year.

Version 2.5 sees the introduction of native AVCHD output. This means that you can now load up AVCHD movies, carry out simple trims and joins and export out AVCHD output.

This is significant because we do not convert the AVCHD video at all during this process. We just trim the video and audio streams, then re-package the output into a new AVCHD file. This means that the video is 100% of the quality that it was shot under. No other editor can do this.

We are still testing both versions, so they are not perfect yet. If you find any bugs that you think we might miss, please drop us a line.

VoltaicHD for Mac

On the Mac, version 2.5 includes just native AVCHD output as the new feature.

Click here to download.

VoltaicHD for PC

On the PC, version 2.5 is a major change. Version 2.5 on the PC brings the PC version up to par with the Mac version, which includes native AVCHD output.

You will need the latest .Net framework (version 4.0) in order to run VoltaicHD for PC. This is available from our beta download page.

Click here to download.