VoltaicHD 2.5.0 for PC and Mac out now!

We've finally released VoltaicHD version 2.5.0 for PC and Mac! Its been a while coming, and we think its been worth the wait.

This release brings the PC version of VoltaicHD up to par with the Mac version for the first time. Both versions now support the more advanced features of editing, YouTube publishing and Native AVCHD output.

PC new Features

  • Shedworx AVCHD previewer - preview your AVCHD movies with no delay
  • Editing - you can now trim, include/exclude and join clips directly from VoltaicHD
  • Titles - add a title to your edited movie
  • Send to Youtube - edit and send to Youtube all directly from VoltaicHD
  • AVCHD Output - trim and join AVCHD movies to export a new AVCHD movie. Zero quality loss for the discerning editor!

VoltaicHD for PC has been built using the latest and greatest Microsoft development framework - .Net 4.0. If you don't have this installed already on your PC, you can get it from here.

Pricing for VoltaicHD for PC has been increased to $US39.99, in line with the Mac version, now that it contains all features of the Mac version.

Version 2.5 of VoltaicHD for PC is a free upgrade for all current VoltaicHD for PC users.

Mac New Features

This release is relatively minor for the Mac version of VoltaicHD. The key new Mac feature is Native AVCHD output. This function lets you trim and join AVCHD movies as before, but now gives you the option to create an AVCHD movie as output. We create the new AVCHD movie by trimming the source video and audio streams and creating a new AVCHD movie containing unaltered video and audio. This means that that output movie is exactly the same quality as the original.

Every video edit workflow that converts formats incurs some quality loss. Native AVCHD editing inside VoltaicHD provides you with 100% guaranteed lossless editing.

Version 2.5 of VoltaicHD for Mac is a free upgrade for all current VoltaicHD for Mac version 2 users.

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