mkvWatch - watch your MKV movie downloads!

We have just released mkvWatch - a fast and easy way to convert MKV movie downloads into a format that can be used on AppleTV, PlayStation3 and Sony Bravia HDTVs.

mkvWatch is a simple and easy to use utility that makes the watching of MKV movies a whole lot easier. All you do is drag your movie onto the mkvWatch window and press Convert, mkvWatch takes care of the rest.

Convert into AppleTV format and automatically add to iTunes so that you can be watching via AppleTV in no time. Alternatively, convert to PS3/Bravia HDTV format then transfer the converted movie to the PS3/TV and watch straight away.

mkvWatch is a fully supported ShedWorx product, available now from the ShedWorx Store for $9.99

Click here to download and start watching today!