Parrot AR Drone

During the week the much-anticipated Parrot AR Drone arrived and hit the skies of the ShedWorx car park.

We took some footage using our Panasonic GH-1, running 720/50p mode so that we could get some good slo-mo footage.

We pulled in the footage using FlamingoHD, then converted to ProRes using Voltaic. A quick edit in Final Cut, then we converted and uploaded to YouTube using Voltaic again.

It was a fine day and despite a few scares to passing traffic and the odd crash, the Parrot lived to fly another day and our resident Top Gun decided not to turn in his wings.

Take two will be in 3D, using our new Panasonic SDCT750 - weather permitting :)

Take a look here. Make sure you watch in 720p to see the HD goodness:

No animals, small children, passing vehicles or egos were harmed in the production of this video.