Cosmos is live on the App Store!

In a remarkably quick review (3 days!) the Cosmos iPad and iPhone Universal app is now live on the iTunes AppStore. Just search for "Cosmos" and you will find us.

CloudSync Accounts

In order to use the Comos iPad or iPhone app, you will need a CloudSync account.

You can sign up for a free trial CloudSync account here.

Cosmos for Mac

You will need the latest Cosmos for Mac release in order to use CloudSync and the iOS app.


Please email us at or post a Forum message if you have any questions or problems. Please remember that this is the first release of the Cosmos iPad and iPhone app so there may be a few bugs still in there. We already have version 1.1 ready for submission to Apple, so we are ready to fix whatever bugs you find and get it released on the AppStore quickly.

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