VoltaicHD Version 3.0 out now

VoltaicHD 3.0 has now been released on shedworx.com and via auto-update for current users. This is a free upgrade.

UPDATE: VoltaicHD 3.0 is a free upgrade for Version 2 users only. Version 1 users are entitled to a 50% discount when upgrading to Version 3.

Version 1 users can upgrade here:

If you haven't got it already, please download from here.

This version includes a number of minor bug fixes, some improvements to the AppleScript API and a number of stability improvements.

As per a previous post on the Shedworx blog, we are dropping OSX 10.4 support from our products in this round of updates. We have also retired VoltaicHD version 1 from support.

Voltaic 3 for PC

Hello. Just wondering if/when v3 of Voltaic will be released for PC.

Thanks a lot!

Voltaic for PC

Hi Chris - we don't have any set dates for a Voltaic for PC update, but we do have it on the roadmap for this year.

It won't happen for a couple of months but sometime later this year.

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