VoltaicHD 1.2.4 includes the following improvements:
- full support for 1920x1080 resolution clips
- removal of the requirement to have Perian installed for Final Cut users
- removal of the iMovie/Final Cut preference setting

All of the changes in this release relate to our improved support for 'full HD' cameras and Final Cut.

Previously, VoltaicHD had been producing 1440x1080 clips from 1920x1080 sources. This was an oversight on our part which is now corrected.

The problem with 1920x1080 clips is that Final Cut Express doesn't natively support them. This means that they require rendering in the timeline before they can be displayed. This in turn makes the clips almost un-editable in Final Cut Express. Unfortunately Apple don't document this interesting feature of Final Cut Express. The problem is that Final Cut Express only supports the older HDV standard which is limited to 1440x1080. Here is a well written article providing more details on this situation.

To support our Final Cut Express users who have to work with 1920x1080 AVCHD clips and cameras, we've introduced a new preference setting called 'Restrict to 1440x1080'. Setting this preference will down-scale any 1920x1080 AVCHD clips to 1440x1080, making them editable in Final Cut Express.

For users who are determined to edit their 1920x1080 resolution clips, the good news is that iMovie08 and iMovieHD support full HD 1920x1080 editing.

In fixing the resolution settings in VoltaicHD we have also made some changes which mean that we no longer require Perian to be installed.

Finally, we have made some progress on the 2Gb file size limit. Newer machines with plenty of RAM should be able to convert clips up to 4Gb in size. 4Gb is the largest file produced so far by an AVCHD camera.