This is the biggest release of VoltaicHD for Mac for some time.

Here's what we've included.

A progress indicator

We have had this requested many times so we've finally done it!

The VoltaicHD conversion takes place in 3 stage:
- Preparing: where the AVCHD file is 'unwrapped' to split out its video and audio streams
- Converting: the main conversion of the H.264 video
- Exporting: final encoding to AIC

The 'Converting' stage takes about 95% of the total elapsed time (although we are working on making this a lot faster right now), so we're printing out the % complete for this stage.

Audio and Visual pop-up alerts

Some users have requested an audio or pop-up alert at completion of the batch. We've added this in, although it is a Preference setting, so you can turn it off.

AppleScript support

A number of users have been asking for this ever since we first released VoltaicHD in July '07.

We've finally taken a break from the heavy duty video codec work to fit this in. The AppleScript interface for Voltaic lets you add files and convert the (of course) and also gives you access to the preferences. This allows you to process multiple batches of files using a script, changing output locations for each batch.

Over the next month we will post some sample AppleScript scripts which use VoltaicHD.

Here is a sample script which adds some files to VoltaicHD and converts them.
Voltaic AppleScript sample

Japanese translation

One of our users has been good enough to translate VoltaicHD to Japanese.