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Setting Preferences
Creating a Camera Archive
Exporting for TV Playback
Burning a High Definition DVD
Required QuickTime Export Format


Welcome to the RevolverHD User Guide. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about RevolverHD.

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You install RevolverHD by dragging it from the disk image to your Applications folder. We recommend also keeping it in your Dock.

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You activate RevolverHD by purchasing an Activation Key. Once you have completed payment via the Shedworx Store (using Paypal), the Activation Key is emailed to your supplied email address immediately. Your key is also displayed on the screen when you click on the 'Return to Systemic' link displayed on the PayPal confirmation screen.

If you do not receive your key within 5 minutes, it is probably in your SPAM folder.

Once you receive your Activation Key, open RevolverHD and go to the RevolverHD->Activate menu option. Enter your key into the text field and click 'Activate'. RevolverHD then communicates with the ShedWorx activation server to activate itself.

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Setting Preferences

RevolverHD allows you to set a number of preferences. You should set up your preferences before using RevolverHD for the first time.

Preferences can be reviewed at any time by using the menu options or Apple,

Scratch file location

This allows you to specify where the temporary files are placed during each conversion. If you are converting large files from an external storage location, and want to preserve disk space on the machine running the conversions, you should set this location to be on the external storage device.

Output Location

This allows you to specify where the converted files are placed when creating a Camera Archive or exporting for TV playback.

This area is also used to set up the disk image when burning a disk. It needs to have about 3x the project size available before burning.

Disk type

This option controls the type of DVD that Revolver burns. Options are:

  • AVCHD DVD - regular high definition AVCHD DVD which will play on most Blu-ray players
  • AVCREC DVD - AVCREC format DVD which is mainly for AVCREC HD recorders
  • Data DVD - AVCHD files are just copied straight to a DVD with no AVCHD file structure

TV Type

This option controls the type of output created from the TV Export function. Options are:

  • Panasonic TV -
  • Playstation3 -
  • Regular -

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Creating a Camera Archive

If you would like to take a group of AVCHD video files and store them for later use with iMovie or Final Cut, you can create a Camera Archive. This archive can then be easily imported into iMovie or Final Cut (using Log and Transfer) at a later date.

To create a Camera Archive, simply add the required AVCHD video files to RevolverHD and click on "Camera Archive". RevolverHD then creates a camera archive in the Output Location, as specified in Preferences.

To load the archive into iMovie go to the File menu ->Import->Camera Archive... and select the Camera Archive folder that you require.

To load the archive into Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro, open Log and Transfer, click on the Add Volume button on the top left and select the Camera Archive folder that was created using RevolverHD. This will load all the AVCHD movies into the preview list and you can continue as per normal for a transfer session.

If you want to save the archive to DVD for backup and storage, just use the File Utility to burn a DVD using the archive folder.

Exporting for TV Playback

Many new High Definition TVs now include software to playback AVCHD movies without the need for a Blu-ray player or Playstation3. Revolver's TV PLayback function export AVCHD movies in a format that most HD TVs can play.

To use this function, add AVCHD movies to Revolver as per usual, then click TV Playback. Revolver will then create a folder structure under the Output Location specified in your Preferences.

Once the export is complete, take the folders that Revolver created and copy them to the top level of a removable USB drive. You can now plug this drive straight into a compatible HD TV and watch your movies in full high definition without any conversion taking place.

Burning a High Definition DVD

RevolverHD supports the burning of both AVCHD and AVCREC high definition DVDs. AVCHD DVDs will play on most Blu-ray players (including the Playstation3). AVCREC DVDs are only supported on newer Blu-ray players and HD recorders coming out of Japan. The main use of AVCREC DVDs is on newer high definition hard disk recorders that are Blu-ray compliant.

If you have some AVCHD clips straight from your camera that you want to watch on a high definition TV, here's what you do.

  1. Open RevolverHD and add the required MTS or m2ts files
  2. Set your Preference to Blu-ray DVDs (AVCHD)
  3. Burn

This will give you a DVD that will play on most Blu-ray players (we haven't found a player that doesn't work yet).

Required Quicktime Export Format

In order for RevolverHD to deal with QuickTime exports from iMovie and Final Cut, the movie must be exported
with the correct format. This helps preserve the quality of your final export as well as making the process as
quick as possible.

The required settings can be chosen when doing a Quicktime Export, and are as follows;

  • H.264 Video
  • Linear PCM Audio (16bit, 48kHz, 2 Channels)

Here are the screens you will see when setting these formats.

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