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Smart Converter Free and Pro version 1.2 are now available on the Mac App Store!

Free updates for both, so get them now!

Fixes and Improvements

We had a couple of minor problems with version 1.1 which resulted in some conversions running much, much slower than they had under the original Smart Converter Free.

In short, we had inadvertently disabled some of the 'smarts' being applied to conversions in some situations, so Smart Converter got a bit dumb. It was converting as slowly as all the other regular converters out there in some situations.

The good news is that Smart Converter is now back to its previous level of intelligence, and even a little bit smarter in some cases (mainly involving AVCHD, or MTS high definition videos) so we're sure that you will love it.

No VOB Support

As per our previous post about this, Apple won't allow VOB video file support in Smart Converter. VOB files are the videos inside a DVD.

We do allow VOB support in our Shedworx version, so if you need this, get the Shedworx version of Smart Converter, not the App Store version.

What's Next?

Due to the financial success of Smart Converter Pro, we're able to get started on the next version already. We're planning features for the upgrade now, so please email us with any suggestions you have. We'll post the feature list for v1.3 as soon as we confirm it.

Download Now!

As for all App Store apps, this is a free upgrade, so download it now and see for yourself.

If you have any problems, please email us at If you have some general questions that you think others might also want the answer to, feel free to post a comment at the bottom of this post and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Good luck with your conversions and thank you to everyone who has purchased Smart Converter Pro so far.

Fix the metainfo bug

Smart Converter should have an option for erasing meta info embedded by the encoder... or embedding the actual file name into the meta info fields. It is very annoying to to have a zillion files named something with AutoMKV 0.98.4 in iTunes.

Metadata handling

Metadata is handled differently for each combination of input and output video types, of which there are thousands.

Could you please tell us the input file type, and even point us to the file that you are converting. Please also tell us what you are converting to - I'm assuming iPad, iPhone or AppleTV since you're sending to iTunes.

Please send the details to if thats easier.


problem to convert from mkv to ps3

When I convert from mkv to PS3 it really fast, but generate a 3ko file only from a 500mo.

What is the problem ?

Converting from m4v to wmv


I found the smart converter when in need to quickly convert a couple of small films "edited" in iMovie (put out as m4vs) into wmv format. I dropped the files and the conversion got done quick and smooth, but the wmv files could not be played by my PC. When played on the mac (with Flip for Mac) the file opens, but without video, only the sound is played. When played through VLC there is no problem, both audio and video is working. I really need the files to be working in Windows Media Player. Help! Please!
Best regards, Lars

Smart converter pro

1. *.mts 1080/60p from Sony HXV9 conversion to PS3 leads to sound track resynchronization, the sound is late by several seconds, no response from support :(

AVCHD Support

We support most AVCHD variants with Smart Converter Pro, but the conversion engine that we use does not handle all variants.

For professional-level AVCHD conversions, you need to use VoltaicHD. VoltaicHD is much slower than Smart Converter Pro, but provides a professional-quality conversion, covering all AVCHD variants.


We made an early decision on the free version of Smart Converter to make it have no preference settings at all. This made this decision to make Smart Converter as simple as possible, so that the novice user would not need to know anything about conversions.

We realise that some people won't want to send to iTunes with Smart Converter free. On the other hand our feedback is that most people do want this. We follow the majority for this kind of thing, so we'll leave it as the default for the free version. There is always Smart Converter Pro for people that want to take more control of their conversions.

smart converter

stop sending to iTunes!!!