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Smart Converter and Smart Converter Pro 1.5.1 are now live on the Mac App Store.

This has been the first update for a while, mainly due to Apple's new "sandboxing" requirements.

Sandboxing is where the apps have to work with a "sandbox" and work within quite tight rules about what they can and cannot do. Sandboxing prevents apps from "going rouge" and destroying your system, either by mistake or design (i.e. viruses, spyware, etc).

So sandboxing is all about security, and we're finally there!

Version 1.5.1 of both Smart Converter and Smart Converter Pro also brings a number of conversion fixes and improvements, including:

  • Better Quicktime support - we're handling all Quicktime files better now, so we don't expect to have any conversion problems from Quicktime formats now. This includes Apple Intermediate Codec, the video editing format used by iMovie, so Smart Converter can now easily handle AIC movies exported from iMovie and convert them as required.
  • Numerous format fixes - its been 5 months since we released version 1.4.3 on the Mac App Store and in the meantime we've made a lot of fixes and been releasing them on Shedworx only. These fixes now all come to the Mac App Store.
  • Internal software fixes - these don't affect you directly, but Smart Converter is now tuned up and running better under the hood.

Sandboxing created a huge delay for us in getting regular bug fixes out on the Mac App Store, but now that its done we will be getting the fixes out more frequently.