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Smart Converter and Smart Converter Pro version 1.4.3 are now available on the Mac App Store and

This updates brings in support for the Apple TV 2, the iPad 3 and iPhone 4.

The new presets for Apple TV and iPad support video up to 1080p with higher bit rates.

We have left the main presets (the ones on the main Smart Converter window) at lower settings because you really can't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p, especially on an iPad.

The new high resolution settings can be found under the 'Other' menu.

Two requests

Smart Converter is a simple, but effective conversion utility - but two common features would move it to the next level.

Icon Progress: Smart Converter, while working, appears as an active icon on your Dock. However, if you're doing other jobs on your computer, you can't see the progress of the conversion, or might miss the alert sound. THE FIX: When SC converts a file, a small number in the SC Dock icon tells you how much percentage of the job remains, or might display "100%" on the active Dock icon when it's done. That way, you can keep track of current conversions, or see if they're done.

Job Location: When a Smart Conversion is finished, it appears in a predictable place: user/Movies/Smart Converter. But what if you want the file to appear on your Desktop, instead? THE FIX: When you launch SC, give it the option to leave a converted file in a custom location, like the Desktop or Documents file.

Thanks for great App!


Hey guys is there any sign of the API piece coming?

AppleScript API

Implementing an AppleScript API is fairly low on the priority list right now because we've had close to zero interest in this.

In the future we may link up Smart Converter with out Shedworx apps, like Cosmos and others in the pipeline. If we do this it will be via AppleScript, but until then it's unlikely that we will do this on its own.

Audio 5.1

Just purchased the Pro version and converted 3 movies using ATV3 preset.
When I opened the movies in iTunes on my computer and look at INFO it tells me that the audio is STEREO - the input was 5.1

Is this expected or am I doing something wrong? Since I watch these on my MTPC system via ATV3 I need the surround sound

Audio 5.1

We don't currently support 5.1 audio except as a 'pass through' conversion. Try the Advanced preferences setting for Dolby Digital Passthrough.

This will only work if the 5.1 audio on your source movie is true 5.1 AC3 (not other 5.1 formats).


There is NO reference to this important fact in any of the App Store information.
I feel mislead.
My Videos audio is DTS 6 channel - will this work on my ATV?

audio track selection

I've a few mkv files that have 2 audio tracks - the english is sometimes the 2nd one. How can i select the english audio track ?

Also - is there any way of manually setting the video bitrate ??

Audio tracks

We don't have audio track selection in Smart Converter yet but it will be coming later this year.

We don't support bit rate output setting because most people don't know what that is. We make a decision about bit rate for each device that we think is best. Sometimes this is a trade off between the device's maximum bit rate and file size.

iPad 3 and Apple TV 3 conversion not working

I've tried converting a 1080p file into both iPad 3 and Apple TV3 formats, and neither of these seems to be transferable through iTunes to my iPad.

I can add the converted file to iTunes no problem, but as soon as I come to sync, I get an error message saying the file is not iPad compatible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

iPad3 conversions

What type of 1080p video did you convert? If possible, can you send us a link to the file in question ( Once we've got the file I'm sure we will be able to do a quick fix.

What means "almost" in "Can convert almost any video..." ;-)

"Smart Converter can convert almost any video file into something that can be viewed on your Apple TV."

Just kidding... But you guys may be so much more knowledgeable than myself using Google, that I dare to ask the question:

Since I use my Apple TV3 with an LG 55" polarized 3D TV, I'm so enthused about the ease of use and about the painfree 3D viewing experience, that I want to convert all my existing *.mts files containing MVC 3D video from my Sony HDR-TD10E camcorder into side-by-side *.mp4 files, for including them into iTunes and enjoying them via Apple TV3 as 3D video.

Of course I cannot expect Smart Converter to do the first part of the conversion, i.e. converting the MVC 3D video into a side-by-side 3D video, while the next step, i.e. converting the side-by-side video into a well compressed *.mp4 file, probably is a piece of cake for my Smart Converter.

But do you know by chance, which software may be available (at first glance, price is not the main priority), that can do the MVC-to-SbS conversion? Ideally not to a side-by-side format with the right and left parts of the initial frames at the right and the left of the SbS frame, but put them at the top and the bottom of the resulting frame. The reason for this (side issue) is that due to the line polarization scheme of the LG TV, the vertical resolution anyway is only 540 lines in Full HD video, so the MVC-to-SbS conversion would not lose line resolution with that scheme, as I guess.

Could I make myself as a layman speaking reasonably clear about what I'm searching for?

A many questions for a down under weekend, huh? ;-)

smart converter pro

i had bought this software to copy my dvd on my mac just to watch on my tv by apple tv and it was said it works on app store brazil but it doesn't!!!! i just felt like a great lie... its really not nice

DVD Ripping

Smart Converter isn't a DVD ripping app. These apps won't be approved by Apple on the app store. Smart Converter can convert almost any video file into something that can be viewed on your Apple TV.

If you need to rip DVDs try Handbrake.