Its been one week since Smart Converter became the number one free app world-wide on the Mac App Store, and one week on, we're still there!

Our daily downloads are off about 30% from our peak, but they're still looking strong and we should be able to hold on to number one for a little while longer.

Feedback so far...

There are a lot of ratings on the App Store - averaging 3.5 stars with by far the most ratings being 5 stars. Smart Converter clearly works great for many users, but there are some conversion problems for some people too.

Most of the negative comments are for when Smart Converter doesn't work for a certain video type. This is to be expected as there is an almost infinite number of video formats and variations out there, so no single conversion app will work all the time.

What about Smart Converter Pro?

We are beta testing Smart Converter Pro right now! While it would have been nice (and maybe smart) to have Smart Converter Pro ready before we released the base version of Smart Converter, it won't be far away.

Smart Converter Pro includes all the conversion smarts from Smart Converter along with the new interface we have developed for all our converter apps. You will see the same user interface in our upcoming ReWrap app to take AVCHD files into Final Cut Pro X for Native AVCHD editing.

Smart Converter Pro includes batch conversion, some Preference settings and no ads. Depending on how well Smart Converter Pro goes, we may also add extras such as trimming and playback into the app.

Thanks again to everyone who has installed Smart Converter so far! If you haven't, grab it now.



Smart Converter

It always pops up to convert on .M4a file type when I have a player selected as a default.

Is there a default override? Is there a setting, preferences, or other that I need to set?

Thanks in advance, Mike

Lion OSX

File associations

Smart Converter sometimes associates itself with certain file types when you do a conversion. This is not by design and is an obscure bug in OSX. We're working on it now and should have it fixed in the next update to Smart Converter.

To set the default app for a file type, find a file of that type, hit Apple-i and bring up the Info screen. In the Open with area, set the required App then click Change all....

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