Last week we released our new free video converter - Smart Converter.

Smart Converter is a multi-purpose video converter that we decided to make free.

We figured that everyone needs a good converter sometime, and if you just want to do single conversions here and there, we're happy to let everyone have this for free.

The Journey So Far

Smart Converter went live on the Mac App Store at 8am (Perth time) on Thursday 7th July 2011.

Within 16 hours Smart Converter shot to the top of the free app list in the Video Category for most countries, and was making a charge on the top free app overall.

Within 48 hours of launch, Smart Converter was the top free app in all major countries except the USA where it remained in spot number 2.

The US took a lot longer to crack the top Free App spot, but we finally got there 72 hours after launch.

We've passed a bunch of popular free apps along the way including Twitter, Evernote and Kindle.

Smart Converter has an average 4 star rating around the world with ratings and reviews increasing by the hour.

What is Smart Converter?

Smart Converter is a video converter that uses our own video tools and FFmpeg to convert videos from one format to another.

There are many free video converters on the App Store and available for general download, but these apps are just simple user interfaces over FFmpeg. These apps just call FFmpeg in the background wihtout applying anyy smarts to the conversion.

Smart Converter does a lot of checking of your video and the output format that you have chosen before doing any conversion. It then does a highly optimised conversion when its ready. This is where it gets its 'smarts'.

Smart Converter includes an ad display system that displays an ad while conversion is underway. We are using this to promote Smart Converter Pro and other Shedworx apps.

What's next?

We are developing Smart Converter Pro right now. It would have been nice to have it ready now, but we decided to get Smart Converter out there now, refine our conversions, then release Smart Converter Pro.

We will continue to improve our conversion engine behind Smart Converter and the free version will always include the same fullly-functional engine as the Pro version. Smart Converter Pro will include batch conversion capability, no ads, and more control over the actual conversion process.

Its been an exciting ride so far! Our daily install rate is still increasing so I think Smart Converter will keep top spot for a while yet.

Thanks to everyone who has installed Smart Converter so far! If you haven't, grab it now - its free after all.

Comparison with MKVWatch?

Does SmartConverter (+Pro) replace MKVWatch? I paid for that a few months ago, but found it unsatisfactory for my AppleTV conversions as it could not add a 2 channel AAC track to conversions, which is needed if you don't have AC3 output available. I've also paid for MKVTools from a competitor which did what I needed, but has not been upgraded for Lion compatibility, so I am in the market for a new go-to tool. Trying out the free SmartConverter, maybe I will finally find what I need...

Smart Converter Pro vs mkvWatch

Smart Converter Pro will do a lot of what mkvWatch does, but mkvWatch will always have those extra features required specifically for MKV and AVI conversions.

Smart Converter Pro and Smart Converter share the same conversion engine, so if Smart Converter works for you, Smart Converter Pro will work also and give you more control.

Smart Converter

Where is the file after conversion

File location

Converter files are saved to Movies/SmartConverter.

You can also find the converted file by clicking the 'Show File' button when the conversion is complete.

Conversion speed

How do I set up conversion speed slowest? Fast conversion creates corrupted files (AVI to MOV). I need to avoid SmartConversion select conversion speed.

Conversion speed

We are adding more controls into Smart Converter Pro. The base version of Smart Converter won't have any preference settings.

Conversion speed

Please send your log file into You will find the log file under Library/Logs. Thx.

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