RevolverHD 2.1 Released

RevolverHD 2.1 is out now. This is a free upgrade!

RevolverHD 2.1 is a big upgrade and includes the following new features

  • QuickTime to AVCHD conversion - in a major step forward, Revolver now let's you take a Full HD QuickTime export from iMovie or Final Cut and create a Full HD AVCHD movie that will play on almost any HDTV directly. Playing HD movies back on your HDTV is not well supported by Apple, so Revolver fills this gap.
  • TV Exports - Revolver can now take AVCHD video clips and package them up to play back directly on most new HDTVs.
  • 3D - we have updated Revolver to support editing and playback of Panasonic 3D footage. Using Revolver you can load up 3D clips from a Panasonic 3D video camera, trim clips as required, then create a TV Export that will play back on your Panasonic 3D TV. This is a first for the Mac!

This update includes an update to the user interface to make Revolver a lot easier to use and master.

In-depth technical HOWTO articles will be coming out over the next couple of weeks to help you take advantage of these new features.

In the meantime - download RevolverHD now! It's free for existing users and if you haven't tried Revolver before, now is the time to try! A free demo is available.

Giving to charity - part 4

In our on going commitment to charitable causes, I recently fundraised for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and participated in the One America 500 Festival Mini Marathon. The LLS helps patients with blood cancers and supports research into finding cures. Although I got a personal best in the 13.1mi/21.1km race, the important thing was that I was participating to make the lives of cancer patients better.

iPad2 first impressions

iPad2 first impressions

We've got our first iPad 2 here at ShedWorx so it's time for a quick review.

It's Thinner and Lighter

This is no surprise to anyone, it actually makes a difference. The new iPad is thinner (8.8mm vs 10.4mm for the iPad 1) and a bit lighter (600g vs 680g for the iPad 1). These aren't huge changes, but the new iPad feels lighter and smaller in the hand.

Smart Cover

Get the Smart Cover! It's a big step up from the previous covers, although the back of the iPad is still exposed. To cover the back of your iPad I recommend something like Gelaskins. These are just glorified stickers, but they do the job.


The new iPad is a bit quicker, mainly for things like loading complex web pages. For general stuff like email, using apps, etc you won't notice a difference.


The front facing camera is good enough for FaceTime, but thats all. The rear-facing camera is nowhere near as good as the iPhone4 camera for video or stills. It does work though and its better than nothing.


I have to mention iMovie for the iPad. This is a great little app which you can use to create really good movies and even publish direct to YouTube.

The rear-facing camera isn't much good for shooting video, but there are other options. We'll be exploring iMovie for the iPad in more detail in an upcoming post.


This is nothing new for the iPad 2 but if you are going to try out the iPad you have to try out 3G. My first iPad was wireless only, then I went to a 3G model. Having the Internet always on makes a huge difference to your iPad. You quickly forget about wireless networks and all that stuff, because it doesn't matter any more.

Even if you use your iPad on the road a fair bit, it won't use much data. I've been on a 1GB plan for the past year and never even got close to using my quota. As long as you save your YouTube uploads for when you get to Starbucks you'll be fine.

Bottom Line

The iPad 2 is a major improvement to the original iPad. If you've been sitting on the fence about whether give an iPad a go, it's time to try one out.

After a couple of week of using the iPad every day, my top two improvements for the iPad2 (in order) are:

  • smart cover - this really makes it easier to use
  • thinner, lighter, faster - the combination of minor improvements in these areas make the iPad bit easier to use

If you have an iPad 1 already and are happy with it, stick with it. The iPad 3 will be out before you know it!

Where have the Forums gone?

No more Forums for ShedWorx

We introduced the ShedWorx forums about a year ago to see how they would go. We hoped that we would see general questions about how to do stuff with HD video and photos. As it has turned out, most of the posts are individual support requests - e.g. "I can't get something to work".

Answering support questions via the forums is difficult and error prone for us. When you log a support ticket we have a number of people available to respond to the request and we will often move requests between our team to get the best people onto solutions. This is almost impossible when support questions are on the forums.

We are also getting organised with a better social media presence, which we have started with a new ShedWorx Facebook page, our YouTube channel and Twitter. There are still plenty of ways for you to ask general questions and interact with ShedWorx, which we hope will ultimately be better than the Forums.

Goodbye Tiger...

OSX 10.4 Support being dropped from ShedWorx products

With the introduction of OSX 10.7 Lion in June this year, we have decided to drop support for OSX 10.4 Tiger.

10.4 was superceded by OSX 10.5 almost 4 years ago now, so its time for us to let it go. As a software company, supporting old operating system versions is a time-consuming and costly exercise which also stops us from taking advantage of new features in the newer operating systems.

For VoltaicHD and RevolverHD we will continue to support PowerPC processors in 10.5

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management is what you do whenever you import a photo or movie to your computer, post to Facebook and Youtube or even just organise your stuff so you can find it easily.

Digital Asset Mangement is a very important part of our digital age as our memories are now being stored in random, haphazard and usually non-backed up ways on our computers.

ShedWorx is taking big steps towards making Digital Asset Management an easy, fun and safe activity for all people so that no-one loses their precious digital memories. Click here to read more about the ShedWorx Digital Asset Management Lifecycle.

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