RevolverHD version 1.0 released

We have just released the first full version of RevolverHD for Mac, which adds the ability to create Blu-ray compatible AVCHD disks using MTS or M2TS clips from AVCHD cameras.

Note that RevolverHD version 1.0 does not yet support iMovie and Final Cut QuickTime exports as part of an AVCHD disk. RevolverHD can take these QuickTime exports and convert them for playback on a PlayStation3, but only using a Data disk. Data disks will not play on a normal Blu-ray player.

We are now working on a new feature to take Full HD exports from iMovie or Final Cut and burn an AVCHD disk which will play on any compatible Blu-ray player.

RevolverHD works on Intel and PowerPC platforms and supports OS X 10.4 and 10.5.

RevolverHD for Mac BETA released!

We have now released our first widely available BETA version of RevolverHD for Mac.

See the User Guide and FAQ for details of what RevolverHD now does.

This is the the first stage of development for RevolverHD, creating AVCHD movies which will play on a Playstation3. The next stage of development is to burn these AVCHD movies to a Blu-ray formatted DVD, which will play on any Blu-ray player.

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