Goodbye Tiger...

OSX 10.4 Support being dropped from ShedWorx products

With the introduction of OSX 10.7 Lion in June this year, we have decided to drop support for OSX 10.4 Tiger.

10.4 was superceded by OSX 10.5 almost 4 years ago now, so its time for us to let it go. As a software company, supporting old operating system versions is a time-consuming and costly exercise which also stops us from taking advantage of new features in the newer operating systems.

For VoltaicHD and RevolverHD we will continue to support PowerPC processors in 10.5

mkvWatch version 2.0 out now!

mkvWatch - now with Batch Processing and AVI support

Click here to download mkvWatch now!

mkvWatch has received a great response with a large number of people enjoying the simplicity of converting MKV downloads into formats that can actually be watched!

We've been hard at work over the past few months listening to what you want next in an MKV converter and have added Batch Processing, AVI support and a bunch of bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy using mkvWatch Version 2. We've been using it within the Shedworx team for a few weeks now, so its ready to go.

This is a free upgrade for current Version 1 users.

Batch processing

The biggest request by far for mkvWatch has been the addition of batch processing support. We know that you often have a bunch of downloads to convert, so we've added a simple and easy to use batch processing interface. We're sure you'll love it!

AVI Support

The next biggest request was for AVI conversions. The most popular format after MKV video is AVI, and many users have asked for us to include AVI conversion support, so now its in! It kind of breaks our name for mkvWatch, but mkvaviWatch doesn't really work...

Bug fixes

As for any new products, there have been the inevitable bug fixes. Most of these fixes have been for slightly obscure video characteristics that we need to handle. Just like VoltaicHD, we are aiming to make mkvWatch your one stop shop, this time for converting downloaded movies.

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management is what you do whenever you import a photo or movie to your computer, post to Facebook and Youtube or even just organise your stuff so you can find it easily.

Digital Asset Mangement is a very important part of our digital age as our memories are now being stored in random, haphazard and usually non-backed up ways on our computers.

ShedWorx is taking big steps towards making Digital Asset Management an easy, fun and safe activity for all people so that no-one loses their precious digital memories. Click here to read more about the ShedWorx Digital Asset Management Lifecycle.

Giving to charity - an ongoing commitment

Back in 2006 when Justin and I started this crazy high definition video stuff, I wanted to make sure that our software was "societally responsible". That is, I wanted to give back to the community in one way or another. Since then, has become shedworx and the economy has been on a roller coaster ride, but my commitment to supporting charities continues...

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