Smart Converter and Smart Converter Pro

Smart Converter for Windows 2016 updates

The past 12 months has seen us work on major upgrades in the Windows area, bringing both apps up to speed on Windows 10.

The new versions of the apps are fully compliant with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. We've dropped Windows XP support, but at 13 years old, its time to let it go.

Smart Converter and Smart Converter Pro for Windows now contain all the features of their Mac counterparts.

Smart Converter Pro

Smart Converter Pro for Windows now includes all the super-popular features from the Mac, including Movie and TV Show metadata lookup, subtitle support and more.

Smart Converter Pro also received the Shedworx conversion engine upgrade, bringing support for H.265, the new HD video streaming codec. H.265 is the codec behind 4K video.

Smart Converter

The Free Smart Converter also received the Shedworx conversion engine upgrade so it too can now handle H.265 video.

Universal Windows Platform

The next big thing for our Windows apps is the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). UWP is common runtime environment for all Windows platforms (e.g. Desktop, Mobile, Xbox, etc) that lets a Windows app run on all Windows 10 platforms. UWP will also be the core of the long-overdue Windows app store. By the end of the year Microsoft should have their Windows 10 desktop app store up and running.

We've made a number of changes to our Windows apps to prepare them for UWP and the Windows app store.

We'll be keeping a close eye on UWP and Windows app store developments though 2016 and plan to be on the new store very early on.

Smart Converter Mac updates for 2016

The last 12 months have been a busy time at Shedworx as we put together some serious upgrades to the Smart Converter product range.

First up was a major upgrade to the conversion engine that powers Smart Converter and Smart Converter Pro.

Most of this was behind the scenes work and we now have support for H.265, the new and improved HD streaming video codec, and significantly improved subtitle support.

We've also tweaked a few of the audio settings make various format conversions work a whole lot better for Apple Devices.

Finally, we've updated the output device profiles to include all the new Apple Devices and set up defaults (e.g. iPhone) to cover off the most popular new phones.

Product Retirements for 2015

We are in the middle of a bunch of major updates to the Shedworx apps and as part of this has included taking a look at all the Shedworx apps.

Based on the revenue that these apps have been generating and the work required to update them, we've decided to retire the following apps:

  • Cosmos - this was our dedicated video manager for HD video but has become too costly to update based on the revenue it was generating.
  • Loops - this was our group photo sharing service which has finally been surpassed by Apple's new Photos service. Photos has delivered on what we were trying to do with Loops back in 2011. We've found Photos to be a great option to store all your photos in the cloud and be able to manage the library from any device. We've been using Photos for a while now and it certainly delivers.
  • mkvWatch - this was our first experiment in the video converter space after Voltaic and has been surpassed in every way by Smart Converter Pro.

Dropping these apps means that we can focus our efforts on the core Shedworx apps that deliver the best results for customers.

The following apps are being updated right now and will be released later in 2015:

  • Smart Converter Pro for Mac - an update is underway to deliver a whole bunch of minor improvements for 2015.
  • Smart Converter Pro for Windows - the Windows version of Smart Converter Pro will be receiving the full Folder Monitoring and Metadata lookup features of the Mac version, and Windows 10 support.
  • Music Converter Pro - many bug fixes and minor improvements.
  • miDVD Pro - many bug fixes and minor improvements.

Introducing Smart Recorder!

We've been working away for the past year on a great new app to take screen recordings from your Mac.

You might say screen recorders are common place these days, and we'd agree. So we decided to make a screen recorder that stands out from the rest.

Smart Recorder includes an amazing feature called Smart Record mode.

With Smart Record mode you just tell Smart Recorder which window to watch and it takes care of the rest.

Smart Record mode :

  • Auto-detects the video playing in a window.
  • Auto-starts when the video starts.
  • Auto-stops when the video ends.

No more setting up record regions, waiting for videos to start and keeping an eye on things to stop the recording. With Smart Record mode its set and forget!

In addition to Smart Record mode, you also get all the usual screen recording modes - select a region, record a whole window and even the full screen.

Get Smart Recorder today from Shedworx or the Mac App Store.

Smart Converter updated for Mavericks

Smart Converter and Smart Converter Pro are now updated for Mavericks and available from the Mac App Store and

Smart Converter Pro was misbehaving a little under OS X 10.9, mainly with Folder Monitoring being unreliable.

We've now re-built both apps for Mavericks and everything is now back running nicely!

OS X Support

Smart Converter continues to work for OS X 10.6 (64 bit) all the way through to OS X 10.9.

Coming next...

We're working on updates to the full Shedworx product line now. This includes Sandboxing some of the older HD video apps, so will take a little while!

Smart Converter Pro 2 out now!

Smart Converter Pro 2 is now live on the Mac App Store and!

A Big Launch...

We had a big launch last weekend which saw Smart Converter Pro 2 rocket to number 20 on the overall top grossing list on the Mac App Store in the US, beating out top performers such as iMovie, Evernote and Coda, just to name a few.

Smart Converter Pro 2 now includes all the important features that have been asked for over the past two years by our fantastic customers.

We took our time in deciding which features to add and how to add them so that Smart Converter Pro would retain its superb ease of use, while giving you access to these highly sought-after features.

Wherever possible we've made the new features "just work" so that you don't have to think about it.

Movie and TV Show info

A great example is the Movie and TV Show information. We now look these up automatically and update the video files on the fly so that by the time they arrive in iTunes, they are fully updated with metadata and artwork!

Subtitles and Multiple Audio Tracks

The same goes with audio tracks and subtitles. If you do nothing, these now all come though to the converted video. If you need to change what is going thorough, you can easily remove unnecessary audio tracks and subtitles, and even look up subtitles in any language from online subtitle services, all from within Smart Converter Pro 2.

Folder Monitoring

The last big thing in Smart Converter Pro 2 is folder monitoring. This allows you to tell Smart Converter Pro 2 to monitor any number of folders, and tell it what to do with videos that it finds in each folder. For each folder you can decide what type of conversion is to take place and where to put the converted video.

Smart Converter Pro 2 also includes auto-updating on the Shedworx version so that you will always be up to date.

The combination of these new features makes Smart Converter Pro 2 the killer app for video converting on the Mac. We created the video converter that we always wanted and now we can't live without it.

Get Smart Converter Pro 2 today from the Mac App Store or direct from us at

We're sure you'll love it too.

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