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Product Retirements for 2015

We are in the middle of a bunch of major updates to the Shedworx apps and as part of this has included taking a look at all the Shedworx apps.

Based on the revenue that these apps have been generating and the work required to update them, we've decided to retire the following apps:

  • Cosmos - this was our dedicated video manager for HD video but has become too costly to update based on the revenue it was generating.
  • Loops - this was our group photo sharing service which has finally been surpassed by Apple's new Photos service. Photos has delivered on what we were trying to do with Loops back in 2011. We've found Photos to be a great option to store all your photos in the cloud and be able to manage the library from any device. We've been using Photos for a while now and it certainly delivers.
  • mkvWatch - this was our first experiment in the video converter space after Voltaic and has been surpassed in every way by Smart Converter Pro.

Dropping these apps means that we can focus our efforts on the core Shedworx apps that deliver the best results for customers.

The following apps are being updated right now and will be released later in 2015:

  • Smart Converter Pro for Mac - an update is underway to deliver a whole bunch of minor improvements for 2015.
  • Smart Converter Pro for Windows - the Windows version of Smart Converter Pro will be receiving the full Folder Monitoring and Metadata lookup features of the Mac version, and Windows 10 support.
  • Music Converter Pro - many bug fixes and minor improvements.
  • miDVD Pro - many bug fixes and minor improvements.

miDVD Pro discounted

miDVD Pro has had a price drop of 50%. It's now $9.99US!

We've decided to drop the price of miDVD Pro to see how it sells at a lower price.

miDVD Pro isn't the best selling DVD burner on the Mac App Store yet, so we're giving it a push along to make it more affordable to more people.

We've tried every DVD burner on the Mac App Store and while we're obviously biased towards our own stuff, miDVD Pro is definitely the easiest burner to use out there, all while producing top quality results.

Give miDVD Pro a go today and see what we mean!

The Mac App Store version of miDVD Pro has no trial option, but our Shedworx version does, so give that a go for free to try out everything except actually burning the disk.

MacWorld 2013

We're coming to MacWorld! Again!

We're all set and heading to MacWorld in chilly San Francisco in a few days time.

Shedworx will be in booth 1010, on the right hand side of the Expo hall, near Appalooza.

Its been two years since we were at MacWorld and a lot has changed for us in that time.

The biggest thing for us has been Smart Converter. Smart Converter is the number one free video converter for the Mac worldwide and Smart Converter Pro is the top rated, most popular and highest grossing video converter on the Mac App Store. Through Smart Converter and Smart Converter Pro, Shedworx software is now on a significant percentage of all Macs out there. This means a huge number of people use our stuff, and we can't wait to talk to people about it.

If you're in the Bay area, we'd love to see you down at MacWorld. As part of our booth package we have an almost unlimited number of Expo passes to hand out, so if you want to save $25 on the door charge, drop us a line at support@shedworx.com and we'll have a pass waiting for you at the door.

Among other things, we will be selling the MacWorld SUPERBUNDLE! All of our apps in one super bundle for $40 - a discount of 80%, available only on the Expo show floor.

Here's the flyer we will be handing out...

For those who can make it to MacWorld, we can't wait to see you there. For those who can't, stay tuned, we'll have our MacWorld post and photos up real soon!

It's a new Logo

We've got a new logo!

We started Shedworx in 2007 and quickly threw together a logo and brand.

Five years and a few million app downloads later, and its time for a new look.

We've gone with a simple branding with a splash of colour to represent the different things that we do.

The swirls even contain the S and W initials of the Shedworx name.

We hope you like it!

This is the new branding for our journey to MacWorld Expo 2013 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. More on that soon...

Mountain Lion support

Mountain Lion support for Shedworx apps!

Today we finished our application updates for Mountain Lion support.

Now, everything except HD Quick Look has been updated to support Mountain Lion.

This means that all the Shedworx apps that you download from shedworx.com (not the App Store) now include the Developer signing that is required for an app to run under Mountain Lion.

All the apps have also been submitted to Apple for updating on the Mac App Store, so that will happen when it happens. There seems to be a big backlog with the App Store review process at the moment, probably due to all the apps being updated for Mountain Lion.

HD Quick Look

HD Quick Look is a still under development while we decide whether or we can update it to work under Mountain Lion.

We will put out a separate post with details of where we end up with this.

miDVD Pro - discounted launch price!

miDVD Pro Mac App Store Link

miDVD Pro is our brand-new DVD creator that builds on the features of miDVD, and it's now live on the Mac App Store!

miDVD (the free one) has shot up the Mac App Store charts on its first day. It's now number 4 and rising on the Video free app chart in all major countries.

miDVD Pro gives all of this:

  • Smart Themes - great looking themes for your DVD menu. The themes automatically adapt to the number of movies you have.
  • Multiple Movies - each miDVD project can hold up to 16 movies.
  • Projects - save your miDVD Project files for later or.
  • Soundtracks - add music of your choice to your DVD menu.
  • everything from miDVD - and of course everything else from miDVD - media browser, previewing, top quality conversions, etc, etc

miDVD Pro is $19.99 as a special discounted launch price. Do yourself a favour and get it today!

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